Elizabeth Warren: Mike Pence Treated Debate Host Susan Page “With Contempt” | Video

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren was a guest on SiriusXM’s “Signal Boost” on Thursday morning, where she said that Vice President Mike Pence showed “little respect” for moderator Susan Page during Wednesday’s debate.

“I thought she just on a scale of 1 to 10, I gave her an 11 for ‘I am talking,'” Warren said about Harris.

WARREN: Exactly. This very able woman. And look, we all want to finish our point just a little bit or, you know, try it. But I was really struck by how little respect he not only showed Kamala, but how little respect he showed Susan, the moderator, that she would ask a question – and look, I get it. There are times there are just questions you don’t want to ask, or you want to put them in a larger frame.

But usually you at least try to – you’re at least in the zone of [the] question. Okay, we’ll doing healthcare. I want to talk about a different part of healthcare.

But he would just – she would finish her question and he’d say, “I’m going back to the other thing.” And she would say, you know, “we’ve only got so much time to cover it.” [sic] He was treating her with contempt, and that he didn’t have to bother with the mere questions from this mere woman who was a national moderator asking questions on behalf of the entire American people.

Nah, he’d just do what he wanted to do. And he just talked right over her – didn’t pay attention to her questions. And yes, he did not seem as amped up as Donald Trump when he did it. He kept his voice calmer, but it was that same kind of, “It’s all about me. And I’m just here to do whatever I want to do. Done.

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