Concerned Emotional Mothers Confront BLM At School Board Meeting (VIDEO)

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Florida – The Sarasota County School District is under fire for caving to pressure from Black Lives Matter activists demanding that their movement be taught in schools.

Concerned parents and members of Black Lives Matter clashed in the parking lot outside the school board meeting.

One concerned parent said in the board interview, “Now, suddenly, the board has attempted to jump on the wolf bandwagon. What happened? Did you suddenly decide our schools have terrible racism problems? My guess is you were approached by some type of lobbyist that represents a larger organization determined to alter our entire education system and use our kids and more importantly to you, our tax dollars. This school board wants to bring in radical ideologies embraced by BLM & Antifa. Ideologies that include dismantling the nuclear family and defunding the police. Just recently, we watched gruesome footage of two Los Angeles officers being ambushed by a gunman in their car, waiting conveniently at the hospital where BLM activists blocking the ambulance and shouting death to police.”

The parent continued, “We watched BLM activists recently in St. Pete ambushed diners and scream in their face in demand they raise a fist. These bullying tactics and violent scenes scare children like the screaming seen outside. Don’t think incidents won’t happen in our schools like this. What a liability. And like the Venice Middle School student who recently posted on TikTok that she wants to shoot up her school, you’ll do nothing. I don’t know why we pretend anymore that this school board is nonpartisan. Everything you do embraces leftist indoctrination right down to the hand selected incoming board member whose spouse’s name appears on Antifa membership lists. Everyone in this room should be scared. Thank you.”

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One parents said about the decision was, “That’s not okay. You don’t get to have an opinion as a teacher. You’re supposed to be nonpartisan. That’s what we pay you for. We don’t pay you for your opinions.”

A BLM activist shared, “This is about black history being taught in the classroom. This is not just about an organization.”

Another parent stated, “It’s alarming.”

The BLM activist continued, “I don’t understand, like, why this is even a debate, honestly, between them. It’s just history. Point blank. We teach science English, Math, Arithmetic, Spelling, Writing, & History.”

Black Lives Matter activists argued to the school board that the United States is ‘built on racist and vile actions.’

The first activist stated, “Our country is built on racist, vile actions, and that’s a hard truth to deal with. But it is a truth and we must teach the truth. We can work upon righting our wrongs of the past, but we can only do that through teaching history how it actually was, not in this whitewashed history. And through teaching love and acceptance, through different things like diversity and, you know, counseling and acceptance. Teaching. Um. Yeah. That’s all.”

Another activist stated, “In society, when you’re born, when you’re born white, you’re born with privilege. Most people never acknowledge that privilege or fail to see the pain in other people. Native activists in Sarasota County have actually come forward and addressed this concern to the school board previously, but nothing has been done.”

Then a BLM activist shared, “It is not a political movement. If you go look at our chapter and Sarasota’s Facebook, the Sarasota Alliance, you will see that we are nonpartisan. You will not see one thing about Biden, nor you will see anything about voting for Trump. I’m here today because I’m appalled at the idea that Sarasota County and their parents think they even have the right to once again whitewash history. I’m angry and I’m sad for so many years, and we’re talking hundreds, black history has not been taught to our children. It has been hidden between the lines of the white patriarchy and the sound of the wannabe victors.”

The BLM activist continued, “The American history of violence against black people has gone on, that’s gone such hushed and swept under the rug. I’m speaking Tulsa 1921. I’m talking about Red October. I’m talking about Black Wall Street. That none of this is being taught to our children. All of these events, again, like I said, are not being taught to our children, at least not explicitly. We teach our children to tell the truth. No matter your race, religion, or creed, omitting or only telling half the truth is not telling the truth. And for an example, if your husband said that he’s working three hours late and he decides that he is going to spend two hours with his mistress afterwards, he is lying. He is not telling the truth.”

The activist also shared, “Your children. [Unintelligible]. Your children should be taught the whole dirty truth about American history. We’re no longer romanticizing. That video. Honestly, to me and to other Black Lives Matter members that have children in the Sarasota County School District. It is not enough. It is, however, a start. A reluctant, slow start. And if you tried to impede on the slow start, you’re no better than the parents shouting at Ruby Bridges when she desegregated public schools. You’re no better than the people who just turn their heads in the mass lynching of black men in the early 1920s and 60s. You are no better than the people who voted against interracial and gay marriage. You are no better. We know that and one day your children will know that. You have to pick a side. There’s no straddling fences. When it comes to history in your child’s education.”

They continued, “It is not the school board’s choice to whitewash history. You can do that at your dinner table, not in public education. And bring up riots and looting, it’s laughable. We teach our children about the first riot in America and it is celebrated and our Founding Fathers are looked at as heroes as they threw tea off of a ship. America started on Revolution and those are y’all’s rules, not mine. I implore Sarasota County to do their job and educate our children that all cultures, which goes for white lives too, all cultures and all movements within America so our children can taste what equality actually feels like and know that their lives matter too. Thank you. Thank you.”

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