Sen. Blumenthal: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Not Confirmed 42 Days Before a Presidential Election

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Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.).   (Getty Images)

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.). (Getty Images)

(CNS News) – When asked whether the Senate moved too fast in confirming Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court in 1993, a confirmation process that took 50 days, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) replied that she was not confirmed 42 days before a presidential election.

At the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, CNS News asked Senator Blumenthal, “Do you think that the Senate confirmed Ruth Bader Ginsburg too fast when they confirmed her in 50 days?”

Senator Blumenthal said,  “They didn’t confirm her 42 days before an election, did they?” 

As of Sept. 22, there are 42 days until the presidential election on Nov. 3.

Blumenthal is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will be reviewing President Trump’s nominee to replace Ginsburg on the high court.  Trump has said he will name his court pick, a woman, this Friday or Saturday.  

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Two of the women on Trump’s short list are  Amy Coney Barrett of the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and Barbara Lagoa of the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Trump has also said he would like to have a Senate vote on his nominee before the election on Nov. 3.  “We have plenty of time to do it,” he said.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was nominated for the Supreme Court by Democratic President Bill Clinton on June 22, 1993. She was confirmed by the Senate on August 3, 1993 in a bipartisan vote, 96-3 (one person did not vote).  Only three Republican senators opposed Ginsburg.

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

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