The left asks for Trump to be impeached again over coronavirus

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Charlotte, NC — Across social media, the trending topic on Wednesday was Impeach Trump again. They will not be content until they eliminate President Trump from office any way they can. This time, it is over old audio about the coronavirus.

In February, President Trump was recorded on tape with the talking points that he was being given by his coronavirus task force. He shared that the virus was deadly and was dangerous. You can hear the audio below.

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This is President Trump on tape, on February 7, saying that the coronavirus is “more deadly than your – you know, your, even your strenuous flus.” But he minimized the threat in public. On February 26, he told the public “I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away.”

As Stelter says in the tweet above, President Trump did say 3 weeks later that he thought the problem would go away. This is not entirely untrue, as we know that the virus can be controlled eventually. The media has also used audio recorded as recently as July where President Trump said some were not at risk like others.

There are a few thoughts that we must consider. On the surface, this does look bad for President Trump. It makes it sound like he knew the virus was a horrible thing, but that he downplayed it to the public. As always, there is more to the story.

We have learned since those early days in February, that the China virus is not as deadly for young people. We have learned a lot about its transmission and how it works. We know so much more about the virus than we could have ever imagined in February.

We have learned that the death rate is not what we thought. We know that the testing agencies have padded test numbers, have added multiple rounds of positive tests for some, and that millions of Americans have recovered from the virus.

We also know that almost all of the deaths from coronavirus occurred due to underlying conditions. While any death is tragic, compounding causes cannot be a reason to place blame on Trump. These individuals could have died from other things like pneumonia, the flu, or any other common illnesses.

We also have to remember that Trump’s statements were made amid false information that was shared by China. China had told everyone that the virus was under control from being spread, but that was not the case at all. China misled the world in coordination with the WHO.

I think that it’s also worth considering that when this all started, President Trump did shut down international travel to and from many places. The Democrats, including Joe Biden, said he was leading horribly and being xenophobic with his actions. Now, the Democrats are the ones that are wanting to push for mandatory closures and shut downs.

Not one single person knew what was going to happen in the coronavirus situation. No one knew how big this virus would become, as the world was misled by China and the WHO. Now, we want to place all of that blame on President Trump?

I will be the first to say that I believe the coronavirus is real, but that many have reacted without having all the information. We have seen leaders like Fauci, the CDC, and others change their minds and recommendations throughout the pandemic. Now, we want to blame President Trump for having changed his statements?

Again, the image of this looks bad for President Trump. When all the facts are considered, the Democrats are guilty as well. They did not want to shut down travel but then wanted to shut everything down. They argue that science should drive decisions, even though science does not support many of their decisions or actions.

While this does not look great for President Trump, I do not think that this is an impeachable offense as the left’s cancel culture would like to think. If that’s the case, Nancy Pelosi should resign or be forced out and Joe Biden should step back from the nomination for their actions as well.

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