What would four more years look like?

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Washington, DC – Following a successful GOP convention last week, and a strong showing from President Trump in his acceptance speech, it is time to start asking “what if”. What happens if President Trump wins the election this November? What does “four more years” look like?

For Democrats the question is: what if the best we could do is not enough to unseat the angry orange man? For Republicans the question is: “what happens next if we do win”?

The first prediction we can make if Trump wins again is public protests. Leftists cried in the streets in 2016 when the nation rejected a Clinton 2.0 administration. Now that riots have become a weekly mainstay in democrat-controlled cities, it is perfectly reasonable to anticipate a Chernobyl-scale meltdown among the nation’s left.

The Trump Victory Riots (yes, we coined the term) will be sparked by Biden campaign insiders, fueled by morons in the media, and burn in the streets for months. We also predict Trump will be blamed for any and all damage, violence, and injury occurring during the Victory Riots. 

Second, we predict the Democrats will attempt to impeach the President again. A Trump victory in November would spell such a monumental failure for the DNC, they would have no choice but to try the impeachment card a second time. The DNC was spying on Trump and those in his campaign before he was ever elected, started an unethical probe before evidence of a crime was brought to light, and impeached the President when they knew they were going to lose in the Senate. Then they nominated Obama 2.0 – who pre-dates King Tut, has the mental capacity of an intoxicated gnat, and has the spine of a spaghetti noodle – to save the party.

The very survival of DNC, if Trump were to win, would depend on a more successful second impeachment. Granted, the results of the congressional elections will dictate how far a second impeachment will proceed, but we predict that the DNC will introduce articles of impeachment even if they are in the minority and regardless of the existence of “high crimes or treason”. 

Third, we predict the GOP will continue to blow their chances to make the country a better place. From 2016-2018 the GOP controlled the House, Senate, and White House and only managed to come away with tax reform. In that same time they allowed a bump-stock ban to happen, watched idly as the Mueller probe to started, and failed to repeal ObamaCare. The spineless swamp rats who have infested the GOP haven’t gone anywhere; in fact, many have endorsed Biden for President.

Unless GOP challengers unseat their incumbent colleagues, or else flip seats previously held by Democrats, we can predict the same level of mediocrity from the Republicans that we’ve grown used to seeing for the last 10 years. Otherwise, if Trump wins reelection this November, expect the GOP to continue the flounder on the issues most important to its base. 

What would four more years look like to you? In reality, that answer is entirely up to you. You and you alone are responsible for your successes and failures. No politician can take that liberty away from you. You have the God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So remember as the election grows near that the country is not nearly as bad as the media will tell you it is. Joe Biden can’t take your guns away unless you let him, Trump is not out on the streets killing people and causing violence, and your future does not depend on the White House.

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