Trump: 100 Million Rapid Tests For States To Reopen Their Economies And Schools As Fast As They Can | Video

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President Donald Trump at a coronavirus task force briefing on Monday: “Today I’m pleased to report that we are announcing our plan to distribute 150 million Abbott rapid point-of-care test in the coming weeks very, very soon. This will be more than double the number of test already performed and here is our plan 15 million test will go to protect the most vulnerable communities which we have always promised to do including 18 million for nursing homes, 15 million for assisted living facilities, 10 million for home health and hospice care, hospice care agencies and nearly 1 million for historically black colleges and universities and also tribal nation colleges. 100 million rapid point-of-care test will be given to states and territories to support efforts to reopen their economies and schools eat immediately and fast as they can. For example, the support my administration is providing would allow every state to on a very regular basis test every teacher who needs it. This continues our critical effort to use testing to protect high-risk communities. These new Abbott rapid point-of-care test are easy to use and return results within just minutes. You will have a result in a maximum 15 minutes. Machine–no machine is required to process them so in the old days when we just started this you remember we would go out and we would have to find these massive laboratories with tremendously expensive equipment. Now we are down to something that you will see that is really from a different planet. I would like to ask Admiral Giroir to come up and demonstrate how these tests are performed. He will do this very nicely I think. Good luck. Hope you don’t test positive.”

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