Democrat Governor Urges Trump NOT to Visit Kenosha After Violent Leftists Destroyed the City

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In the last eight days violent leftists looted, burned and destroyed Kenosha, Wisconsin. This comes after a sexual deviant was shot by police trying to enter a woman’s home he had raped in the past.

The leftist antifa-Black Lives Matter terrorists destroyed the city and hundreds of businesses.

Local business owners want President Trump to visit their city.
They know Trump is the law and order president who keeps his promises.

The Democrats are worried.
Governer Tony Evers failed to protect the community and now he is calling on President Trump to skip his visit to the devastated community.

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President Trump will be in Kenosha on Tuesday.

UPI reported:

The White House said late Sunday that President Donald Trump is still planning to visit the Wisconsin city of Kenosha despite its mayor and governor urging him to reconsider as the city attempts to heal amid the unrest that erupted following the shooting of Jacob Blake.

“The White House has been humbled by the outreach of individuals from Kenosha who have welcomed the president’s visit and are longing for leadership to support local law enforcement and businesses that have been vandalized,” Judd Deere, the White House deputy press secretary, said in a statement. “President Trump looks forward to visiting on Tuesday and helping this great city heal and rebuild.”

Kenosha, located along Lake Michigan between Milwaukee and Chicago, Ill., has been upended by protests against racial inequality ignited Aug. 23 when a White police officer shot Blake seven times in the back, leaving him paralyzed. On Tuesday, two people were fatally shot during the protests and a 17-year-old from Illinois has been arrested and faces several charges for their deaths.

The White House’s reaffirmation of Trump’s visit to the city came hours after Tony Evers, the Democratic governor of Wisconsin, urged Trump in a letter to “reconsider” as his presence in the community will hinder its work to heal.

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