Biden wants Trump to condemn violence forgetting he already has

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Charlotte, NC — On Sunday, Joe Biden made comments about violence in Portland stating that he condemns it. He said that the violence was unacceptable, and he called on President Trump to condemn the violence as well. Biden plans to give a speech in Pennsylvania addressing the violence on Monday as well.

Biden’s handlers apparently forget that President Trump has condemned this radical left-wing violence for months. He’s condemned it the entire time calling it exactly what it is, domestic terrorism. He’s called these people rioters, attempted murderers, violent extremists, and more. The Democrats do not see it that way.

President Trump also acted on the violence in Portland, by sending federal law enforcement officers to protect federal buildings and attempt to establish law and order. The left did not like that at all either, demanding their removal.

We kept hearing about how the violence would go away once these federal officers left the city. Instead, the violence continues to rage as Democrats continue to blame it on President Trump and justify it through their social pandering.

Multiple times President Trump has offered federal officers to aid in these riots across the country. He commented about it in the video above. He made the comments again a couple of days later at the White House. The left does not want to act on this violence, they just want to talk about it.

Talk is cheap to Americans across the country who are seeing their property and businesses destroyed. If you are against the violence and riots, then you are immediately a right-wing extremist Trump supporter. It has nothing to do with people wanting to protect themselves and their property because that would not make sense to these ridiculous left-wing radicals.

If the Democrats were serious about the violence, they would be trying to put an end to it. These are not peaceful protests as they claim. They are anything but peaceful protests.

If Biden wants to be taken seriously about this, he should ask that each of these Democrats end the violence that is happening. Do not simply just talk about it, but act on it. Request help if needed from the federal government.

Instead, he wants to provide lip service just like his former boss President Obama did. He wants to talk about it, letting his mainstream media marketing team run with the headline that he said something and Trump hasn’t.

President Trump has said it multiple times that the violence should stop. He has said there should be a return to law and order. More than just talking, he has acted on it. Apparently, Joe Biden’s dementia is flaring up again.

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