Red Francis Uses Coronavirus to Spout Off About Global Warming, Income Inequality and Rising Sea Levels

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It should be clear at this point that Pope Francis is not a serious person.

On Wednesday Red Francis used the coronavirus pandemic to spout off about global warming, income inequality and rising sea levels.

Because nothing the China virus is all about rising sea levels.

The Washington Examiner reported:

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Pope Francis said Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic reveals that the world’s wealth is controlled by “a few rich people,” which is “an injustice that cries out to heaven.”

“We must say it simply: the economy is sick,” Francis wrote in a letter. “It has become ill. It is sick. It is the fruit of unequal economic growth — this is the illness: the fruit of unequal economic growth — that disregards fundamental human values.”

Francis emphasized the “injustice” that a small group of people “possess more than all the rest of humanity” and said that economic inequality is inextricably tied to the “damage inflicted on our common home,” the Earth.

“We are close to exceeding many limits of our wonderful planet, with serious and irreversible consequences: from the loss of biodiversity and climate change to rising sea levels and the destruction of the tropical forests,” Francis said. “Social inequality and environmental degradation go together and have the same root: the sin of wanting to possess and wanting to dominate one’s brothers and sisters, of wanting to possess and dominate nature and God Himself.”

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