Radical Islamist Who Screamed “Allahu Akbar!” when he Stabbed Police Officer During NYC Riots Is an Illegal Alien

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On June 3rd Muslim attacker Dzenan Camovic lunged at a NYPD officer during the mass protests in New York City and stabbed the officer from behind in the neck.

A chaotic scene unfolded with gunfire during the attack. In the end of it all, two other NYPD officers had suffered gunshot wounds. All three wounded officers survived the attack.  22 shots were fired in the fray.

Suspect Dzenan Camovic was hit 8 times during the attack on the officer at his “anti-looting post.”

Dzenan Camovic was screaming “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

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Video was later released of the stabbing. Camovic clearly came up behind the officer and stabbed him in a surprise attack.

And now this…
Dzenan Camovic is an illegal alien. He was in the US illegally. And he stabbed a cop in the neck.

The Washington Times reported:

The man who stabbed a New York City police officer in early June was an illegal immigrant from Bosnia who was motivated by support for violent Islamic extremism, the Justice Department revealed Wednesday in bringing charges against the man.

During the height of the racial justice protests and as the coronavirus pandemic was raging, Dzenan Camovic targeted police officers who were on anti-looting patrol, prosecutors said,

Investigators said they caught him on security footage stalking the officers, then stabbing one in the neck with a knife and trying to stab another, chasing him away. Mr. Camovic then went back to the first officer, grabbed his gun and shot at responding officers, hitting one in the hand, all while shouting “Allahu akbar,” an Arabic prayer roughly translated as “God is great.”

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