Trump Warns Mail-in Ballot “Catastrophe” Could Invalidate Election: Nancy Pelosi Could Become President | Video

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President Trump spoke about universal mail-in voting Friday at the meeting of the conservative “Council for National Policy,” warning that it could be a “tremendous disaster for our country… This is a very, very serious problem and something has to be done about it.”

“They’re being sent, almost as we speak,” he said about the ballots. “You’ll have double voting where they’ll send in a ballot and then they’ll go vote. what are the chances some state is going to be able to catch this? I say this to the media, this could be one of the greatest catastrophes in the history of our country.”

“The damage will echo for generations, and we may never, ever escape from the damage that will be infected if the radical left takes over the presidency,” Trump said.

So, now, the Democrats are planning to permanently alter our political system, so their control is never threatened again. They want to pack the court with radical left justices, abolish the filibuster, which frankly, I wish we did it because I said they’re going to do it, so we might as well get there first. But, I couldn’t get a couple of people to go along with me, but, you know, my attitude, “Well, Schumer’s going to do it.” They all said, “No, he’ll never do that, he’ll never do that.”

Guess what? They’re doing it. They’re doing it, and as much as we’ve done–we’ve done more than anybody has ever done in three and a half years, but you know what? As much as we’ve done, we would have done more had we done that because getting those extra ten votes was almost impossible with these people, almost impossible. So, I wish we had done it. I wanted to do it, but we had some obstacle and obstacles.

We’ll grant–they want to grant mask amnesty for millions of people and citizenship, they want to give to many million illegal aliens, probably about 11 million at least and abolish–they want to abolish voter ID. They want to abolish voter ID. To get into the DNC convention last night, you needed an ID with your picture on it.

Now, what does that tell you about–to get in last night, a friend of mine was saying–a friend of mine who happened to be there–I said, “Why were you there?”


And, no, very political person, but he shows me. He said, “Here’s the ID, it’s got my picture, it’s like the most incredible”–it’s a disgrace. There’s only one reason they don’t want a voter ID and that’s because they want to cheat. That’s all. It could not be anything else.


I mean, you have it on everything. You have it on driver’s licenses. You have it on everything just about and the only thing–the only one they don’t want it on is a vote, which is your most important–the most important thing you have is your vote and they don’t want it. We have it in some states, Indiana, you know, we have some great really voter ID. They want to abolish it where it is and never allow it to happen again and that’s only a bad–that’s only a bad thing. That’s only a bad thing.

To everyone in this room, your organization was formed at a time when conservatives led the fight to turn back the tide of communism abroad, communism here. It’s a very important organization. Now, Americans must rally to turn back the radical left socialists and Marxists right here at home. And, you see that when you see these people rioting in Portland where you see the anger, the craziness. These people are crazy. They’re crazy.

And, we won’t let it go on much longer, by the way, because you know, they’re supposed to police their own town, but we’re not going to let it go on much longer.


Because at some point, we have to say, okay you’ve had enough time to police your town–and by the way, they have good police. They have good–Portland has good police. But, they’re not–again, they’re not allowed to do their job.

If our opponents prevail, no one will be safe in our country and no one will be spared. No one will be spared, including the people that helped fund. They think they’re going to be best pals. They’re not going to be best pals. They’ll be terminated, just like many others.

I’m the only thing standing between the American dream and total anarchy, madness, and chaos. And, that’s what it is. I’m representing you. I’m just here and I’m not sure it’s an enviable position, but that’s what it is. That’s what it is.





You know, when–when I made that statement, I–I was a little embarrassed by it because it sounds so egotistical. It’s like an egotistical statement and I was a little embarrassed, I’m the only one. But, there was no other way to say it. We have to win the election. I’m the one. If we win, all of these things that we talked about–pro-life by the way–by the way–


Second Amendment, by the way.


No. If we–if we don’t win, it’s all gone, okay? It’s all gone. And, we mentioned–I have to mention life, all gone. Second Amendment, gone. It’s all gone and many other things. It will be a totally different country and ultimately, it will fail. It will fail. It can’t work. Economically, it can’t work.

We’ll go into a depression and I’m very good at predicting these things. We will go into oppress–a depression, no different than–maybe worse–no different than what happened in 1929. Your stocks will crash. Your 401ks will be worthless. This is going to happen.


And the radical left will bring him along so quickly. I don’t know if you saw the congresswoman the other day when she said, he will do whatever I tell him to do. He’s perfect. He will do whatever I tell him to do. This is a congresswoman. And Bernie Sanders is saying the same thing. Bernie Sanders is saying look, we will just let him be in there and then when he gets in we will take it over. That is what is going to happen. Cause that is where their party is. It has become a sick ideology and we have to win. We will solve the problem very quickly, very easily, we have to win. I don’t like this mail in ballot deal. They are going to send out 51 million mail in ballots to people that haven’t requested them.

Well, where are they going? Look what happened in New York with Carolyn Maloney a small race and they declared her the winner. They don’t even have the ballots. It’s so mixed up. It’s so fraudulent. And the only reason they declared her a winner is because I was right up–I said hey, what is going on? Six weeks and they couldn’t’ count the votes. That is one little race. What is going to happen when you have 150 million votes and you have 51 million–51 million votes, think of it–they are going to send out 51 million it could be higher than that. Fifty-one million votes, no signature verification on many of them. In Nevada, no signature verification. In New Jersey–no signature verification. In New Jersey the governor passed it and didn’t even have the legislature approve it. He did it with an executive order, which is interesting.

I mean, how do you do this? Think of it. You don’t have to know anything about politics. You don’t’ have to know anything just common sense, right? And a lot of you are great businesspeople. 51 million, it is not an absentee ballot where you request it, they send it, you send it back it’s good. Like in Florida.

This is 51 million people are going to get ballots to send in. So if it’s them, lets say that are doing it. And it is mostly democrat states that want it and their Democrat governors they are going to send them to certain areas I guess. I guess. People are going to be getting them oh all right. That is fine. And they will send them back. And in some of them harvesting is allowed. That is where you harvest them all together. In Nevada, harvesting is allowed.

So they’ll go all over the world they will get people to sign them. You used to be here. They go all over the world and they will harvest them and they will drop thousands of them on a table just before the election. The other thing is if you do this you will never have an election count on November 3rd. You know they way we enjoyed–well, we enjoyed. I’m not sure they did, they didn’t enjoy it.


But you know the greatest evening ever was four years ago, right?


And that night–that night four years ago that was an extraordinary night. But we knew that night. In fact, we knew before–we really knew before 9:00 even though it took until like 2:00 to call in. They refused to call Pennsylvania which we had. If we had lost every single vote, remember? It was two points, two left and two points left and if we lost every vote we lost Pennsylvania.

They refused to call it. But they called Wisconsin. They called Michigan. They called places that haven’t done really very well for Republicans. But you know, if you look at Michigan now we are building many car plants. They hadn’t built car plants in 42 years. We are expanding and building car plants.

A lot of good things will happen. But you are not going to be able to know the end of this election in my opinion for weeks, months, maybe never. Maybe years but maybe never. Cause once you go past the first week you are never going to know what’s going to happen. They are going to be taking them and hiding them.

You saw what happened in Broward County in Florida where they were every day 10000 gone, 10000. Rick Scott he was great the way he did that. And we helped him a lot. And Governor DeSantis–10000, 10000–10 we would have waited a coupe of days you wouldn’t have had the same governor, you wouldn’t have had the same senator. We took very strong action because it was obvious what was going on.

So now you are going to have 51 million ballots, Tom, where is Tom? Where is he? Stand up Tom, will you? Tom Fitton(PH). It’s Judicial Watch they do a fantastic–I don’t know if everyone agrees, but I do.


They do a fantastic job. I wish he had more help. I mean, honestly, I wish he had more help. But it’s not easy beating the system that has been in place for many, many years, right? Many, many years it has bene in place and it’s sad, 51 million votes it’s being sent and nobody knows who is getting them and what happens when you send them to an all democrat area but not to an all republican area?

How do you win an election? This is really a very serious problem. This is beyond me. This is not to say me or this is about all of us. This is about the country. This is about the country. It could happen the other way too. I mean it could happen the other way too. I don’t think it will happen the other way. I don’t think it will. But I think this is a very disgraceful situation. I really don’t’ think that you are going to know anything on the evening anything meaningful or anything real on the evening of November 3rd. I don’t think you are going to know anything. You are not going to know what happened.

I don’t think you’ll know two weeks later. I don’t think you’ll know four weeks later. And I don’t know what is going to happen. You know, there is a theory that if you don’t have it by the end of the year crazy Nancy Pelosi would become president you know that, right?


No think of that–think of that. There’s that made(PH) theory too. You have heard that theory? Now, I don’t know if it is a theory or a fact but I said, that’s not good. That’s not good. No, no there is at theory that if you don’t have it and that is part of their whole act that if you don’t have a choice that the speaker of the House becomes president and I think that goes into effect on the 20th or the 1st. Put that in the hopper. Add that to everything else.

It’s a disgrace. They are now it’s filthy, dirty. Paterson, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, many, many cases all over the country. Just recent I’m talking about recently. And it’s not even the post office. Although, they mailmen become very popular people I have to tell you that. That has happened too. That has happened too. Even mailmen.

But think about what they are doing to our country when they do this. We voted in World War I. We voted in World War II and now we can’t’ vote anymore. And you know, that is still a long time away the pandemic is if you look at Florida, if you look at Arizona, you look at California those numbers are going down very rapidly.

Many, many states have very little problem, you look at a map now it is largely really in good shape. I mean, I am going to talk about it at my speech on Thursday. We have done a great job we have not been recognized for what we have done. We have done a great job.


So in two and a half months from now we will be in you know, good shape and we are going to be in potentially really good shape. And we–we can’t let this happen to our country. It’s called universal mail ins, universal. They like they word universal cause it explains it I don’t know why I personally don’t like the name. I just call it mail in. But we want to distinguish it from absentee voting which is okay which has gone on for a long time and we are prepared for that. But we are not prepared for this 51 million ballots it will be a tremendous embarrassment to our country. It will go on forever and you will never know who won. I say it for you. I say it for the cameras because I assume that goes out.

But I will tell you that this is a very serious problem for a great democracy. This is a very, very serious problem and something has to be done about it and being sent almost as I speak. People are going to get ballots that had no intention of voting.

That maybe shouldn’t be voting. That maybe aren’t–and they say the computers won’t pick it up. The computers are going to pick up nothing. They are going to pick up nothing. They will have double voting where you will send in a ballot and then they will go and vote. That is going to be a big problem. They will send in the ballot and they will vote too. They will send in the ballot and then they will vote. What are the chances that some state is so efficiently run oh gee, you can’t vote. We just got your ballot last night at 7:00. I mean think of how ridiculous it is. Right? Common sense.

I say this for the media. This will be the greatest catastrophe. One of the greatest catastrophes int eh history of our country that’s how serious it is. And they all think I am trying to steal an election. Just the opposite. I want the fair results of an election.


So the damage that they inflict will not just last a year or an election cycle. It will echo for generations and we may never be able to escape not matter how great our future leaders. We may never, ever escape from the damage that will be inflicted if the radical left takes over the presidency.

We may never be able–remember the Supreme Court, but we may never be able to do it. It will be too late. The country will go down so far that you’ll never, ever, I don’t care who you are, be able to bring it back.

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