Tennessee school system tries to keep parents from hearing virtual classroom

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Nashville, TN — A Tennessee school system just outside Nashville has come under fire for attempting to keep parents from hearing the virtual classroom. Rutherford County Schools initially asked parents to sign a form refusing to eavesdrop on kids online lessons.

After pushback, they have said parents can listen, but only with approval from the teacher. The situation continues to raise questions as to the motive of the school system.

Fox News reported the story on Saturday as Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, was on the network to discuss the matter. Cardoza-Moore asked what the school system was trying to hide with the order and why parents would not be allowed to sit in the classroom.

In a statement, the school system said that parents could help their students in the virtual group lessons. Parents are restricted from recording or sharing any of the information that they may see, which continues to raise questions.

Cardoza-Moore says that this is because the schools are more focused on social justice than they are on actually teaching students. No evidence of social justice education was presented, but the reasoning for the concern could be seen.

Across the country, teachers and parents alike have shared concerns about school during the pandemic. Some schools have returned to the classroom, while others have opted for virtual options or hybrid options.

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