Wanted BLM Rioter Keese Love Who Nearly Killed Man Sunday Night Is Now Begging for Help on Social Media

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Keese Love, who was first identified on the anonymous message board 4Chan as the man who dealt the final kick to a man savagely beaten by rioters in Portland on Sunday evening is on the run and begging for help.

On Sunday night BLM rioters appeared to be attempting to murder the man after beating a white woman who may or may not have been with him.

As Gateway Pundit previously reported, the terrorist mob gathers round the man’s limp body as he bled from his head. Voices were heard saying “call 911. Another says a “medic” is there.

While the man laid unconscious, the mob robbed his truck.

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The animal who ran up and kicked the man after he had already been brutally beaten to the point of nearly losing consciousness was first identified by 4Chan users as Keese Love, whose Facebook profile lists him as a ramp agent at Portland International Airport. He also works as a DJ in the evenings.

His real name is believed to be Marquise Love.

Love is seen wearing the same vest as he wore during the assault in his Facebook profile photo.

Love is now wanted by the police but he is on the run.

FOX News reported that Mr. Love is now using social media and asking for help:

In a post on SnapChat, Love insists he did nothing wrong.

“Might go to jail for murder tonight for a racist when all I did was fight him,” Love purportedly wrote, according to an image obtained by The Sun.  “Look it up on Twitter put money on my books and come see me.”

Mr. Love’s location is still unknown but what is clear is that Mr. Love was not in a fight with anyone in Portland.  He assaulted an innocent man and nearly killed him by kicking him in the head when he was down and defenseless. 

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