Far-Left Judge Rules President Trump Must Turn Over Tax Returns to Abusive New York Prosecutors

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Clinton-appointed U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero on Thursday rejected President Trump’s second attempt to quash an investigation by abusive New York prosecutors seeking his tax returns and financial documents.

Recall, Judge Marrero previously denied Trump’s first attempt to block a subpoena from crooked Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance.

The Supreme Court also ruled last month that a US president is not immune from a grand jury subpoena while in office.

“At its core, it amounts to absolute immunity through a back door, an entry point through which not only a President but also potentially other persons and entities, public and private, could effectively gain cover from judicial process,” Judge Marrero wrote in his 103-page ruling.

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President Trump’s attorneys filed an emergency motion appealing the ruling and asked for a freeze on the case.

NBC News reported:

A federal judge on Thursday denied President Donald Trump’s latest attempt to quash a probe by New York prosecutors seeking his tax returns and other financial documents.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero amounted to a second loss in Trump’s high-stakes court battle with Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance.

The decision moves Vance one step closer to obtaining the president’s financial records. But within just a few hours of the ruling, Trump’s lawyers filed an emergency motion appealing the decision and asking for a freeze on the case.

“The President respectfully disagrees with that decision and believes there is a likelihood of reversal on appeal,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. “But what matters most at this point is that, absent a stay, the subpoena will be enforced before the President has been afforded any appellate review of his overbreadth and bad-faith claims.”

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