Anti-American New York Times Goes After Mount Rushmore As Symbol Of Racism

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The mask has been ripped off of the far left New York Times.

They have always been a left leaning paper but in recent years, they have gone as far left as the radical base of the Democratic party.

They are now going after Mount Rushmore. Unbelievable.

FOX News reports:

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The New York Times slammed as ‘woke police’ for report targeting Mount Rushmore

The New York Times has faced intense backlash over its report about the history of Mount Rushmore.

Ahead of President Trump’s scheduled Fourth of July celebration at the national monument, the Times ran a report with the headline “How Mount Rushmore Became Mount Rushmore,” which outlined how the upcoming event “invited even more scrutiny” regarding the landmark’s history.

Along with the criticisms George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt have faced in recent weeks, the Times reported the condemnation from Native Americans since the monument was built on indigenous land. It also noted how the sculptor Gutzon Borglum had “strong bonds with leaders of the Ku Klux Klan” and has a documented history of espousing white supremacist and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

However, it was a tweet from the Times that summarized an unflattering depiction of Mount Rushmore that really raised eyebrows on social media.

See the tweet below:

They are getting rightfully slammed over this.

Proud Americans are not going to put up with this.

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