Biden’s Shocking August Surprise…Michelle Obama?

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By Wayne Allyn Root

I’ve been talking about this on my national radio show for months. Don’t believe a single poll. They’re all fake. Trump is winning. I don’t even think it’s close. I keep saying President Trump is on his way to an electoral landslide.

But that was before President made the most brilliant chess move in the history of politics over the weekend. Trump signed Executive Orders to defer payroll taxes for middle class Americans for the rest of the year…and defer student loan payments for the rest of the year…and to offer eviction protections to both renters and homeowners…and if all that wasn’t enough, Trump also extended weekly unemployment checks to tens of millions of Americans.

Don’t look now, but Trump just became a combination of Santa Claus and your favorite Uncle Donald. He just handed most Americans thousands of dollars. It’s Christmas in August, courtesy of President Donald J. Trump.

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If this was chess, I’d say “Checkmate.” If this was tennis, I’d say “Game, set and match.”
Trump just destroyed Biden and the Democrat Party. He’s put them between a rock and a really dumb place. Because for Democrats to sue to stop these Executive Orders, they’d be saying, “I don’t want Americans who are hurting to get a check.” That would be the dumbest move in the history of politics.

As if that wasn’t enough, we all awoke on Monday morning to more rioting in Chicago. The famous Magnificent Mile of Chicago was looted, ravaged and savaged. By Tuesday, Chicago black activists were saying looting is fine because “it’s reparations.” And besides they explained, “the stores have insurance.” Let that sink in for a minute.
The Silent Majority is watching, shocked and frightened. If law and order is the theme of the 2020 election, Trump is the overwhelming winner. Period. Basement Biden is toast.


There is only one move left. I’ve predicted it for weeks. Biden has no choice now. I’ll get to that in a minute.
Obviously, many black Democrats suddenly see the writing on the wall. On Monday a letter signed by 100 black male business, political and entertainment leaders warned Biden that he must pick a black female VP or lose the election.

I guess they don’t believe all those fake polls either.
I’ve argued for weeks Biden has no appeal to black voters. He’s old, weak, feeble, confused, out of touch, and low energy. And he keeps making offensive and clearly racist statements to black voters.

If black voters don’t come out in record numbers (like they did for Obama), or they don’t vote 95% or higher for Biden (like they did for Obama), Biden and Democrat candidates up and down the ballot are dead in the water. It’s over.

That’s precisely why those black male leaders are finally seeing what I’ve seen for months. Biden is never going to beat Trump. But just any old black female VP won’t change that.
Everyone has the wrong VP choices in mind. Every media outlet in the country lists Kamala Harris, Susan Rice, Stacey Abrams and Karen Bass as the finalists.
But they’re all wrong.

None of those names moves the needle. Not one inch. None of those women could ever change enough votes, excite the nation, or even motivate black voters to come out to vote in record numbers.
But I know who could. And I know all of Biden’s brain trust knows the exact same thing.

Biden has only one choice left, or the race is over: Choose Michelle Obama as his VP nominee.

Biden desperately needs her brand, her last name, her celebrity, her aura. Not to mention, as a bonus, her husband. Choose Michelle and Barack Obama comes along as the bonus.
I know it. Biden’s brain trust knows it. It’s Michelle, or bust.

Susan Rice hasn’t won one election in her life. She’s never run for dog catcher. What’s her star appeal? She’s not exactly Oprah. Outside of DC she’s a nobody. I’m betting 9 out of 10 black voters have never heard of her. She’s an anonymous, behind-the-scenes bean counter.

How does that propel Basement Biden to victory?

I just have this feeling Democrats have an ace up their sleeve. I have a nagging feeling there is an “August Surprise” coming. Her name just might be Michelle Obama.

I guarantee you they begged her to take the VP slot. I guarantee you they’re desperately begging her to reconsider right now. If it’s not Michelle, perhaps she’s just unwilling to give up her billionaire lifestyle and $100 million Netflix deal.

And if Biden’s staff isn’t begging Michelle, Democrats are even dumber and more delusional than I even imagined.
If it’s not Michelle, Basement Biden is finished.

Wayne Allyn Root is the host of the nationally-syndicated radio show, “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network from 6 PM to 9 PM EST M-F. Listen live at

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