NYT Reporter Who Attacked Trump Over Changing ‘Norms’ by Commuting Sentences Gets Busted With His View Under Obama

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NYT Reporter Who Attacked Trump Over Changing 'Norms' by Commuting Sentences Gets Busted With His View Under Obama

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Presidents issue pardons and commute sentences all the time, it’s part of their right and job description as the president of the United States.

But as with everything else when it comes to the era of Trump, media will try to spin anything done against the president, even if what they’re saying isn’t true and even if it’s demonstrably stupid.

Case in point: the New York Times’ Eric Lipton.

Now, according to his Twitter bio he’s an “investigative reporter” for the Times, “helping to cover President Trump and the Trump administration-without fear or favor.”

But perhaps not without bias if you check out what he had to say about Trump’s pardons and grants of clemency on Tuesday.

Is he serious? Declaring Trump is both the “executive and judicial branch” because he exercises his Constitutional right to pardon? Yikes. Perhaps the investigative reporter needs to check Article II of the Constitution and review what the President has the long-recognized power to do since the beginning of the Republic?

He apparently is serious.

Shall we talk about how media has been attacking Attorney General William Barr and casting aspersions on all the work he and the DOJ are doing now if they think it has anything to do with investigating Democrats?

But apparently, back in 2014, Mr. Lipton had a different take on the concept of pardons. At that time he clearly understood that it was part of the power of the President. Of course, that was when Barack Obama was the president.

Apparently, pardons back then didn’t involve any DOJ work to comment on, it would seem. Just how much work did Obama and Bill Clinton before him wipe out?

But we do acknowledge that there were some differences.

Like Obama commuting the sentence of an unrepentent terrorist who led a group that killed Americans. Obama granted 212 pardons and 1715 commutations more than any other prior president since Harry Truman.

Then there are Bill Clinton’s clemency moves which not only included terrorists, but also included pardoning a donor to his wife’s Senate campaign and two people who had reportedly each paid Clinton’s brother-in-law $200,000 to work for their clemency. Whoops. But guess that wasn’t breaking “norms.”

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