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President Trump called on Attorney General Barr to indict Obama and Biden in connection with the Russia investigation in an interview with FOX Business host Maria Bartiromo on Thursday.

BARTIROMO: In America, yes. You have so much dealing with, and now you want to get your next Supreme Court Justice confirmed before the election. 


Do you still feel that you can do that and confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before — 


TRUMP: Look, we know that the Republicans — 




BARTIROMO: — in the next 25 days?  


TRUMP: If we don’t, it’s the Republicans’ fault, because there’s no reason why not.  Look, I’m president and it’s happened 29 times.  She made another mistake last night, what she said about Lincoln, she was wrong about that, of course, you know.  They — they were — they say things, like we go over it, they say we’re not going to do this and they’re going to do it.   


They say — they just make — I’ve never seen such liars as this, they’re worse than crooked Hillary, she was worse in other ways.  She was worse when she delete 33,000 e-mails illegally and she should be indicted for that.   


If people delete e-mails in a regular court case, she delete 33,000 e-mails and nothing happens to her.  Our justice system, nothing happens to her.  With all of the pages of stuff, thousands of pages that we have on them, nothing happens to them.  Nothing happens.  


And you know what — 


BARTIROMO:  Well, this is what I’m saying — this is what I’m saying — 




TRUMP:  — I said I’m going to not get involved, but I’m going to have to get involved, because — 




BARTIROMO:  John Ratcliffe — John Ratcliffe — 


TRUMP:  — these people are crooked people. 


BARTIROMO:  — declassifies all this stuff, it’s sitting on his desk, the 1,000 pages, sitting on A.G. Barr’s desk.  What is he going to do about it? 


TRUMP:  I don’t know why they’re not doing it.  I don’t know why they’re not doing it.  I don’t know.  I don’t know why.  You’ll have to call — 




BARTIROMO:  You and I had an interview a couple of weeks ago — you and I had an interview a couple of weeks ago from my upcoming book and I said to you, what was the one thing you learned from your first term?  You said, there are protected people.  There is so much corruption and they’re protected people. 


TRUMP:  They’re protected. 


BARTIROMO:  Is that who you’re referring to, Hillary Clinton is protected, she can delete whatever she wants and nothing happens? 


TRUMP:  Oh, it’s ridiculous.  Look what they do — look what they do to Flynn and so many other people.  Look at what — how they destroy these people.  It’s totally — it’s 24 years of putting radical liberals in there and also Bush haters — you know, Trump haters, they put the Bush people in there.  


Frankly the Bush people, some of these losers that used to work for Bush, they’re worse than — they’re worse than the Obama people.  So, I’ve got — I’ve got never-Trumpers.  I’ve got a combination of never-Trumpers and I’ve got, you know, the Clinton people and the Bush people.  There’s 24 years of some bad stuff and we have great people too.  I have great people.   


But, we have some bad people and we have people that somehow Bill has got to move, I don’t know what’s going on.  Do you got everything — we found them, we caught them, but look at Hillary Clinton.  Forget about what was on the e-mails, OK?  Forget about what was on them.  She said it was ballet and it was — it was — you know her — her teachers — 


BARTIROMO:  Grandkids. 


TRUMP:  — at her daughter’s wedding and it was a lot of nonsense.  She said she had 33,000 e-mails.  She got — forget about what was on the e-mails, it’s irrelevant, although many of them were classified, highly classified and you go to jail for that.   


But, look — and they’re in the State Department, but Mike Pompeo is unable to get them out, which is very sad actually.  I’m — I’m not happy about him for that, that reason.  He was unable to get — I don’t know why.  You’re running the State Department and you get them out.  But they’re in the State Department.   


FBI’s been slowly getting stuff out and you’re seeing it.  Rick Grenell has done a phenomenal job, John Ratcliffe has done a phenomenal job.  And, you know, to be honest, Bill Barr’s going to go down either as the greatest Attorney General in the history of the country or he’s going to go down as a very sad — sad situation.  I mean, I’ll be honest with you, he’s got all the information he needs.   


They want to get more, more, more, they keep getting more.  I said, you don’t need any more.  You’ve got more stuff than anybody’s ever had.  Now, it — you know — with Durham, I don’t know what happened to Durham, but we’re going to find out what happened to Durham, but he’s got so much stuff.  Look, Mr. Horowitz was appointed by Obama.  He wrote approximately 78 pages on Comey that was scathing, scathing and they didn’t go after Comey. 




TRUMP:  And even “The New York Times,” which is totally biased garbage, it’s a terrible newspaper, it’s totally a disgrace — it’s a disgusting newspaper, it’s a — it’s the enemy of the people.  It writes stories — if I did something so good, they don’t even want to talk about peace in the Middle East, no bloodshed.   


They don’t want to talk about anything having to do with — these are very dishonest people, but even the wrote a scathing report when Horowitz — Inspector General Horowitz, who I have a lot of respect for, I never met him, but I have a lot respect for, because he was in appointment by Obama and he came up with a scathing report.  Nothing happened with it.   


I mean, what — you didn’t need anything else beyond that report.  That report told — says he was a liar, he lied to Congress, he lied to everybody.  That report was scathing.  He did a scathing report on McCabe.  McCabe goes out and gets a super television show like — like he’s a little angel sitting on CNN, fake news CNN. 


BARTIROMO:  Right.  And — and he — and he pulled out of the Senate hearing that he was supposed to do.  Mr. President, I know you have to go.  Just to recap, you’re not going to do the next debate because it’s virtual.  You’re feeling good.  I know I want to make sure that the audience understands you’re feeling good.  Have you been tested recently?  Can you tell us anything else about your condition? 


TRUMP:  No, I’ll — I’ll be tested pretty soon, but I’m — I’m essentially very clean.  They say it’s over a periods of six, seven days and I was — I — you know, it was amazing thing happened to me.  I just went in and I didn’t feel good.  And that’s OK, I expect it at some point because I’m out there. I’ve got to be a leader. I can’t — Winston Churchill didn’t sit in his — 




TRUMP:  — basement for six months. I got a lot of things going. And again when I want to say hello to gold-star families what I say — I’m not going to be in a basement saying, hey, I can’t see you as you traveled in from California and all the different places. It’s OK. 


And I think at some point I would — it’s a very — look, it’s a tiny, tiny linking it to a tiny little microscopic piece of dust and it gets into your nose or your mouth or your eye frankly or something else or you touch something. So I understand and then you get better. 


But what’s happened is — the big thing that happened is we have I call them cures. I don’t call them therapeutics. But between Eli Lilly and Regeneron, these are two different companies. You take it, it’s an antibody drug, you take it and it beats the hell out of it. And I’m telling you I could’ve — 




TRUMP:  — walked out there 24 hours after I went in. I didn’t even have to go in, frankly. I think it would’ve gone away by itself. 99.9 percent below a fairly substantial age has no problem. I mean, they can get it, they can feel a little sick but they don’t die and the tiny percentage of senior citizens and all. 

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