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We stood with candidate Trump when he came down that elevator in 2015. 

We stand behind President Trump today. 

We will stand with President Trump tomorrow.

After eight years of the corrupt Obama Administration, America needed fixing. The corruption of the Obama Administration was mind-blowing.   It now appears that every American institution and function was corrupted by the Obama Administration.  Yet there were no indictments, no arrests and no prison sentences for the many corrupt and criminal actions that occurred.

TRENDING: President Trump Authorizes Total Declassification of All Documents Related to Spygate, Hillary Email Scandal – WITH NO REDACTIONS

The Obama Administration put up America for sale.  We now know that the Biden family and the Clintons were running around the world, taking relatively small sums for the sale of American jobs, security and freedom.  No doubt the Obama’s and many others made out during this time as well.

We saw endless wars, dead American soldiers, jobs going to China and overseas, horrible trade deals that protected the elites and other countries and not America and Americans.  We saw American soldiers neutered by Obama to appease our radical Islamist enemies.  We saw deals with Iran for nothing in return.  We saw American border agents murdered by individuals using American guns handed to them.

But the corruption where we hit the wall.  We cheered at Trump rallies four main simple short phrases: CNN Sucks, Build the Wall, Lock Her Up and Drain the Swamp!

Of course, ‘CNN Sucks’ was a reference to CNN but also to the American media in general who abandoned Americans and the truth in efforts to support their President Obama.  Lies were the standard and Americans were tired of it.  Today thanks in large part to President Trump Americans now know how horribly biased the media is.

We chanted ‘Build the Wall’ which really symbolized the ideas of candidate Trump.  He brought to the table our porous border and the Obama policies which allowed this to happen.  Americans sat back and watched as Obama allowed our safety and communities to vanquish.  Drugs and whatever were flowing into America, while jobs were flowing out.  We saw Obama and his cronies make millions off of America while foreign enemies feasted like vultures on the American middle class. Obama tried to tell us this is the way it is but candidate Trump knew it was all a lie and he gave us hope for real change.

But the most important issue facing Americans then and now was the protection of our God given rights.  ‘Lock Her Up’ and ‘Drain the Swamp’ were symbolic of our demands for freedom and justice.  Our system was created where no one was above the law and no one was below it either. 

We sat back and watched Obama give billions to Iran without Congressional or American support and lie about it.  We saw Obama fill the courts with radical anti-American judges.  We saw the FBI allow the Democrat Presidential candidate get away with obvious crimes and lies and obstruction of justice.  Americans wanted change.  We wanted justice.  We wanted our rights protected.

We didn’t know and couldn’t have imagined how corrupt our institutions had become.  Obama’s Deep State was working with other countries to set up members of the Trump team.  Obama was spying on everyone and had been for years.  Protected personal information was flowing outside the US Intel community to the highest bidder.

Then Hillary got caught and so the Obama gang created the Trump – Russia made up fantasy.  They all knew it was a lie.  We all know it was a lie.  They attempted to take out President Trump based on this lie and our Intel community, FBI and Justice Department holdovers from the Obama years are still doing all they can to prevent the truth from getting out.

Last night President Trump demanded all information be released related to the Russia scandal and Hillary’s email exoneration.  In response, the Deep State announced a presser today to discuss.  We know what is going on.  We know the corruption.  We have watched as documents are released but redacted to the point of being unreadable.  We know these redactions are to protect the Deep State not investigative practices.

We support President Trump.  We want to see it all.  We have the right to see it all.  We want the truth.  To hell with Obama’s Deep State.


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