After Jen Rubin Goes Bonkers Against Walter Reed, She Gets Checked Hard by Military Member Being Treated There

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I wrote previously about how Jennifer Rubin has went over the slide in response to President Donald Trump getting out of Walter Reed and going home to the White House.

In her non-medical opinion, this was unforgivable of the hospital to let him go home and she called for defunding it, firing everyone involved in the decision and evacuating the White House.

Hard to believe that this person has a job as a journalist. Well, maybe not given many of today’s “journalists” and media outlet.

But as I noted earlier, the hospital serves a very important population of military people and their families who need and rely upon the hospital.

One of the military members who is currently being treated at Walter Reed had a few things to say to Rubin tried to impress upon her what she was saying with all her insanity.

Now obviously no one is going to be defunding the hospital because Jen Rubin says nutty things. But we can see the adverse effect of a collectively biased media and the harm this does in their quest for power. They don’t give a darn who they would throw under the bus to get what they want.

It didn’t even occur to her that this might be harmful to the military men, women and their families being aided by the hospital. Where’s the respect for those who have served us and need our help now?

Storm Chaser said he loved the Trump supporters being outside.

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