Physician from Walter Reed and CNN contributor diagnoses President Trump based on…the amount of his tweets –

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Okay, maybe we shouldn’t listen to ALL medical experts?! With President Trump taken to Walter Reed Medical Center for precautionary treatment following his Covid-positive result the press has been all a-titter on Twitter with garbage medical hot takes.

One of the oddest however comes from an actual medical professional. Dr. James Phillips is a resident doctor at the Walter Reed Medical Facility, where President Trump was treated, and he has a curious reason to be dubious about the health and well being of the President. Did he see his charts, find symptoms of distress, or note a blood test with troubling results…???

No, no – nothing as trivial as those antiquated physiological measurements. Nope, all Doc Phillips had to do was peer over the President’s Twitter account.


That sure sounds like a much more valid diagnosis than maybe checking in on his lab cultures, or such.


This is not a random accusation being made. It seems that Doc Phillips is a rather partisan figure when it comes to dispensing his medical expertise. For starters, his header pic is an image of him appearing live on the unbiased and entirely non-partisan completely news-centered network CNN.

But that alone is not proof of a bias — it is just a strong indicator. More valid would be looking into the Doctor’s past and seeing if he harbors anything approaching a questionable stance towards the President, whom he just diagnosed in a tweet.

Okay, well – he is a doctor, and many physicians recommend that a good night’s rest is highly important.

Now this seems…less medically-based.


He also has a themed response.

So okay, based on the returns on this readout it could be safely said the good doctor might need to get a prescription to address the TDS of which he appears to be suffering. But there might be some other concerns ahead for Doc Phillips.

He had a fusillade of tweets this morning concerning the Secret Service agents being locked in the hermetically sealed Presidential motorcade as he went on his waving expedition yesterday.

But then as his tweets went viral interestingly Doc Phillips scrubbed all references from his bio alleging he was connected to Walter Reed.

There could be some non-medical intrigue on the horizon for the politically-minded healthcare professional.


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