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One of my daughters got married yesterday, so I have been mostly offline. Has anything happened in the last couple of days?

Oh, yeah. I understand President Trump has contracted the Wuhan virus. But he didn’t collapse into a van, so my guess is that it won’t turn out to be a big deal. Trump looked well earlier this afternoon, when he recorded this video before being driven out to greet the thousands of supporters who have gathered outside Walter Reed Hospital:

If Joe Biden looked that good, he might win. In related news, Trump fans closed down 5th Avenue outside Trump Tower in a show of support:

I normally don’t approve of shutting down highways and streets, but this was such a nice, feel-good event that I am making an exception.

You might be wondering, how was the wedding? It was great! Originally scheduled for May, it was postponed twice due to COVID restrictions. In Minnesota, those restrictions are still in place, but it was time to go ahead, on a reduced scale, regardless. The wedding was outdoors, at our church, and had an Autumn theme:

What wedding would be complete without a four-year-old flower girl? Pictured here with another of my daughters:

The reception was in the bride and groom’s back yard. A marvelous time was had by all. My agents have been buying up photos and videos of me dancing, and I am assured that no copies were made. Another risk averted!

Tomorrow it is back to work again, and back to the news in a more serious way.

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