Twitter Leftists Ban Top US Doctor David Samadi After He Tweets Well Wishes to President Trump and Proposed Early Treatment Plan for President

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There have now been 126 international studies on HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) and its effectiveness in treating the coronavirus.
76 of these international studies are peer reviewed.
64%, or nearly 2/3’s of the studies found HCQ effective in treating COVID-19 in the early treatment stage of the disease.

After President Trump announced he had been tested positive for the coronavirus Dr. David Samadi, a top 100 US doctor tweeted out encouragement to President Trump and suggested the proven early treatment of HCQ, zinc and Zpack.

For this Dr. Zamadi was banned from Twitter.

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It is almost like the leftists at Twitter want the president to get sick and die?

What gives the tech giants this continued ‘right’ to silence medical doctors and top doctors who they do not like? Especially after their platform promises the free exchange of ideas?

Dr. Richard Urso tweeted this out following Dr. Samadi’s suspension.

On Saturday Governor Mike Huckabee retweeted Lori Hendry‘s tweet supporting Dr. David Samadi.

Twitter even took this down!

So now the tech giants are acting just like they do in Communist China.
Not only will your tweets be removed if you disappoint them but they will even target your friends and followers for promoting your views!
This is pure communism.

The laws must immediately be changed so these far left tech giants can be sued to hell and back for blocking our right to free speech!

Dr. Samadi deserves a voice in the discussion!

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