Despite President Trump Contracting China Coronavirus All Signs Are COVID-19 Is Dissipating

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The Democrats and the media would like Americans to believe that the China coronavirus is not over yet. They now believe that they can use the President’s illness as proof. But the real picture is that the China coronavirus is waning.  Here is the proof.

A report from two days ago shared the following:

A former vice president at the pharmaceutical giant, Dr. Yeadon claims that “almost all” of the tests being conducted for the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) are “false positives,” a phenomenon that has already been observed in Florida. Dr. Yeadon also says that “there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen.”

Any “second wave” that comes along is completely manufactured based on fake “new cases,” Dr. Yeadon is further quoted as saying, responding in the affirmative when asked if “we are basing a government policy, an economic policy, a civil liberties policy, in terms of limiting people to six persons in a meeting … all based on what may well be completely fake data.”

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The tracking site Worldometers (with connections to China) shows charts related to the China coronavirus.  Arguably the most important chart is the one that identifies deaths per day related to the coronavirus:

The site shows deaths reported to date related to the disease as well as the daily number of deaths:

An analyst who tracks deaths in Florida points this out.  In the Worldometers site, Florida deaths are reported by the date the death is reported:

According to Worldometers Florida reported 83 deaths related to the coronavirus today.  (See above)  But the deaths reported are based on the date reported not the date of death.  When accounting for the date of death, you can see clearly that the coronavirus in Florida (and no doubt in the rest of the nation) peaked months ago.  The deaths reported today were related to every month since May:

(Also let’s not forget that only 6% of the deaths reported to date are related to the coronavirus only.  The other 94% of deaths are related to individuals who on average had 2.6 comorbidities.)

This thing is waning but not yet over.  Elderly and those with comorbidities should be protected but thankfully overall this thing is winding down.

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