“Mr. President Don’t Worry – You Fought for Us. Now We’ll Fight for You”

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Laura Ingraham opened her show on Friday night with a very moving tribute to President Donald Trump after his entry into Walter Reed Medical Center this afternoon.

Laura spoke about her first Trump rally back in 2016 at a fairgrounds in Leesburg, Virginia. Laura and thousands of Trump supporters waited until 12:30 in the morning on a cold November night to see candidate Trump. Laura added this on her experience, “I knew that night that he would win. And I knew it was something very special.”

Trump is loved by so many and this is NEVER mentioned in the mainstream media.

Laura Ingraham: For millions of us, for millions of you, he’s been a champion for the middle class. He’s been a champion for working families like the family I came from… You see for about 30 years conservatives were promised so much from politicians and too many of them failed to deliver. But on issue after issue he has delivered… He’s already achieved so much for us and he says that he’s just getting started. Trump’s America First agenda really did change policy. And it’s a real threat. It’s a threat to the globalists who amassed enormous power and fortunes on the backs of American workers… You think about how much he’s endured those five years since he’s come down that golden escalator announcing his presidential run. He’s come under investigation, he’s been unlawfully surveilled. They impeached him. They tried to convict him. He’s been accused of about everything from treason, to racism, to fascism to xenophobia. This is someone I’ve known for 20 years and I’ll tell you none of it is true. None of it… Despite all of this, despite all that he’s gone through, he’s never stopped working day and night to achieve a stronger, more prosperous, more secure America… So watching Donald Trump walk to Marine One to night on the way to Walter Reed it was very emotional for so many of us who see him as this indispensable man in the fight to secure our freedoms and our way of life. I know President Trump is not Catholic but in our faith today is the Feast of Guardian Angels. It’s an important feast day. And I know the faithful all across America are praying fervently for a speedy recovery. And those angels are watching over him tonight.

TRENDING: BREAKING: President Trump Is Being Taken to Walter Reed National Medical Center …Update: Trump Will Walk to Marine One

How beautiful, Laura.
Thank you for speaking out loud what so many of us are feeling.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

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