HILARIOUS: Obama Crashes NBA Finals to Push Democrat Party BS – When He Asks Shaq Who He’s Voting For –

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On Wednesday night, the NBA held a ‘More Than A Vote’ campaign during the first game of the NBA finals – because the NBA is now a political arm for the DNC first and a basketball league second.

President Obama crashed the party to push for the Democrat cause — during the NBA finals!

What a complete turnoff.

During the NBA Finals the NBA worked in tandem with radical liberals of the Democrat Party in an effort to get out the vote.  RepublicWorld.com reported on the event:

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The NBA, after an extended 2019-20 season, finally began with their finals on Wednesday (Thursday morning IST). The Los Angeles Lakers, led by Anthony Davis and LeBron James’ combined 59-point performance, beat the Miami Heat during Game 1 with a massive 116-98 margin. While the Lakers dominated the court, celebrities – including former President Barack Obama – made a courtside appearance as an NBA virtual fan during the finals.

During the event former President Obama crashed the party.  Then this happened.  The President asked Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal who he was picking:

Obama: I’m sitting next to Shaq.

Shaq: What’s up Prez.

Obama: Let me ask you, who you picking man?

Shaq: Um, Imma, uh, I’m gonna invoke my fifth amendment right, sir, not to answer any questions.

This was probably not the answer Obama was looking for.

Funny and smart on the part of Shaq.

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