Trump Campaign Sues Philadelphia Over City Officials Blocking Trump Election Observers from Entering Polling Stations

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As reported earlier by Cristina Laila — Philadelphia on Tuesday opened 15 new satellite offices as early voting sites.

According to a Philly Inquirer reporter, there was a delay in opening the satellite offices Tuesday morning due to “computer issues.”

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There was reportedly a problem with the state’s voter database.

Trump observers are being blocked entry to satellite voting locations in Philly, according to President Trump’s 2020 election security staffer and GOP advisor Mike Roman.

On Thursday the Trump campaign sued Philadelphia over city officials blocking Trump campaign observers from entering polling stations.

LOCAL 10 reported:

President Donald Trump’s campaign followed through on a threat to sue Philadelphia, filing papers in court Thursday night over city officials preventing campaign representatives from watching people registering to vote or filling out mail-in ballots in election offices there.

The lawsuit comes amid Trump claiming that he can only lose the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania if Democrats cheat and, as he did in 2016’s campaign, suggesting that the Democratic bastion of Philadelphia needs to be watched closely for election fraud.

The 14-page lawsuit, filed in a state court in Philadelphia, revolves around the question of what rights there are for campaign representatives to watch people in election offices where they can register to vote, apply for mail-in ballots, fill them out or turn them in.

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