Gang Member Deonte Lee Murray Charged with Attempted Murder of Two LA County Sheriff’s Deputies in Ambush Shooting (Video)

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Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were shot in an ambush attack on September 13th while they sat in their vehicle in Compton.

The 31-year-old mother and deputy was hit in the jaw and arms.

The 24-year-old officer was hit in the forehead, an arm and in the hand.

The young mother saved her partner’s life by applying a tourniquet while waiting for help to arrive.

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On September 15th there was a much publicized standoff in nearby Lynwood, California. One suspect was arrested. At the time the police said the incidents were unrelated but on Wednesday police reported that the suspect in the Compton deputy shootings was arrested in the Lynnwood raid. A pistol discarded while being pursued by sheriff’s investigators prior to the standoff was the one used to shoot the sheriff’s deputies.

On Wednesday Los Angeles authorities charged Deonte Lee Murray with attempted murder in the ambush shooting of the sheriff’s deputies.

NBC Los Angeles reported:

Attempted murder charges have been filed in an attack on two LA County Sheriff’s Department deputies who were shot while seated in a patrol car at a transit station in Compton.

Officials announced the charges against Deonte Lee Murray at a Wednesday news conference. He was arrested Sept. 15 after a stakeout, car chase, and search in Lynwood that Sheriff Alex Villanueva initially said was unrelated to the deputy attack case.

Murray, 36, was charged that week with a Sept. 1 carjacking and shooting and NBC4 reported that the surveillance that led to that arrest was part of the investigation into the deputy shooting.

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