These Five Things We Know for Certain Will Take Place in Tonight’s Presidential Debate

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Tonight is the first 2020 Presidential Debate between President Trump and former Obama Vice President Joe Biden. 

We already know certain things that will take place tonight.  Here is our list of five of them.

What we know –

1. We know based on the 2016 debates that the person asking the questions, Chris Wallace from FOX News, a Trump hater, will interrupt President Trump numerous times during the debate tonight.  He may not even let the President talk.  He will certainly help Biden when he can.  He can do this in questions he asks or the sequence in which he asks them.

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2. We absolutely know Joe Biden will not discuss his son Hunter Biden.  We know he will not bring up his efforts to fire the prosecutor in the Ukraine to protect his son who was on the Board of Directors of the company (Burisma) who the prosecutor was investigating.

We know Biden will not bring up his son’s actions in China as well where he received $1 billion from the Chinese after he and Biden traveled to China.  We know that Hunter will not be discussed.

3. We know that President Trump will say something unpredictable and devastating like he did in 2020 with Hillary when he said the most iconic line in Presidential debate history – “Because you’d be in jail”

4. We know that Joe Biden will say something crazy.

He will overstate a number or mumble or make some sort of gaffe that he has been doing more and more frequently in recent weeks.

5. We know that at some point Joe Biden will look like he is lost. He will have that glazed over look of someone who doesn’t know where he is or what he is doing.

What we don’t know –

We still really don’t know if Joe Biden will even show up.  There are rumors may still come down with COVID-19.  This is the Biden campaign’s way out in case Sleepy Joe is too sleepy tonight and unable to make it.

We won’t know the debate is going to take place until Joe Biden stumbles onto the stage tonight.

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