HUGE! CDC and Fauci’s NIAID Add Non-Pneumonia Deaths to US COVID-19 Totals Unlike Other Countries! — If These Deaths are Removed US Has 86,000 COVID-19 Deaths

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For months doctors and investigative journalists have wondered why state coronavirus death counts include motorcycle accidents, homicides, birth defects, gunshot wounds and thousands of intentional injuries and poisonings to the US Coronavirus death totals.

It’s almost as if the medical elites are doing all they can to pad the coronavirus death counts?

In Singapore the medical experts follow the World Health Organization guidelines and DO NOT INCLUDE non-pneumonia coronavirus fatalities in their death counts.

If the US followed the same system as much of the world the total number of coronavirus deaths in the US would be 86,000 or something you’d see in a bad flu season.

In 2017-2018 the US had an intense flu season. 61,000 Americans died.

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So, Fauci and Birx shut down the US economy and ruined the lives of millions of Americans for a disease that has a slightly higher death rate than a strong flu.

Todd Lowdon reported:

The Deccan Herald reported:

Singapore sticks rigidly to the WHO’s case definition for classifying Covid-19 deaths. It does not include non-pneumonia fatalities like those caused by blood or heart issues among Covid-19 patients in its official tally.

“I have no doubt that if the WHO revises its case definitions, some of the non-pneumonia deaths will be reclassified and the mortality rate will change,” said Paul Tambyah, president of the Asia Pacific Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infection, without specifying how much it would likely shift.

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