Dirty Cop Chris Wray Says He Has Seen No Evidence of Voter Fraud — Is Fine with Illegal Ballot Harvesting by Dems to Steal Election — Mark Meadows Disagrees

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Dirty cop and FBI Director Chris Wray

As a Republican whenever you hear the words “ballot harvesting allowed” you know you’ve lost that race.

Democrats just stole the 2020 election in North Carolina this week.

President Trump may be leading in the polls but it doesn’t matter.  It won’t matter when the final votes are counted two weeks after the election..

Democrats passed new rules these last two weeks to accept ballots 9 days after the election and allow illegal ballot harvesting.

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North Carolina is the latest state to announce the changes.

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If you are not willing to fight the Communists you will be ruled by the Communists.

On Thursday FBI Director told Congress he has seen no evidence of voter fraud.
Wray, who hid Obamagate emails from Congress for years, is not going to assist Democrats in stealing the 2020 election.

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On Friday morning White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told CBS he disagrees with Chris Wray.

Chris Wray should have been replaced months ago. The man is corrupt as the day is long.

And it is clear with Thursday’s testimony that Wray is just fine with illegal ballot harvesting by Democrats.

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