At Ohio Rally President Trump Introduces Little Miami High School Football Players Who Waved Thin Red Line and Thin Blue Line Flags on 9-11

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At his Ohio rally President Trump invited the two young high school football players who carried flags onto the field in support of firemen and police on 9-11 and who were suspended as a result.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the two young Ohio high school football players who were suspended from the team after they ran onto the field on 9-11 with thin blue line and thin red line flags in support of police officers and firemen and women.

The thin blue line flag represents support for police officers and the thin red line flag represents support for fire fighters.

For the record:
** 50 police officers were killed in New York in the 9-11 attacks.
** 343 fire fighters were lost in the attacks.

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The boys were honoring 9-11 victims and their fathers who work as a police officer and a fire fighter.

One player, Brady Williams, whose father is a police officer said he wanted to honor the all the cops who lost their lives on 9-11.

Jarad Bentley, whose father is a firefighter, carried the thin red line on the field and waved it before the game.

Athletic Director Gregory Power kicked the two boys off the team indefinitely.

The Little Miami Board of Education later announced the boys would be allowed back on the team.

But…….. The President of the Board of Education Bobby Grice publicly SHAMED and RIDICULED the boys for daring to bring the flags supporting police and firemen on the field on the Anniversary of 9-11.

Bobby Grice: “They did not have permission from district officials to do thisLittle Miami Schools is saddened to see this story take such a negative turn… As the season continues the only two flags that will come out of the tunnel are the US flag and Little Miami Spirit flag.

What the hell is wrong with this school board?

These High School Students were suspended for supporting law enforcement and first responders at their football game.

President Trump on Tuesday night brought the two young men up in front of the crowd at his Ohio rally.  They received a boisterous applause.

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