Blue-checked radical leftist feminist Mona Eltahawy hopes ‘hypothetical violence against men’ could be the key to fighting the patriarchy

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It’s been a while since we last checked in with fierce feminist warrior Mona Eltahawy. What’s she been up to?

Just using her imagination:

And the way to free yourself of patriarchy is by wondering aloud about the messaging potential of killing men? Even hypothetically?

It’s OK. This is all just “hypothetical.”

Well, Mona, for what it’s worth, we read it. And we’re pretty sure there are better ways to make a point about your perceived oppression than this:

That is an intentionally disturbing scenario, I know. But we are long overdue a f*ck-this-sh*t snapping. It is as if men have hoarded the operating manual for violence, and from boyhood, have been taught the language of that manual, while girls and women are kept illiterate. Violence — daily acts of violence against women simply for being women — benefits men. Patriarchy’s copyright over violence has terrorized us into fear and submission. If every act of violence against women were reported on the news, it would be recognized for the epidemic — the war — that it is. Instead, only “especially” violent attacks are reported and not even all of those, which tells you that society does not care and/or is immune to them. A daily war is carried out against women, and yet it is not called “barbaric” or  “savage.” We are supposed to learn to live with it, accommodate it, never fight it.

Well, enough. Why shouldn’t we declare want [sic]?

Framing this as a “what if” exercise doesn’t really do Eltahawy any favors. Because it takes a pretty disturbed mind to even imagine something like this.

Here’s a thought: Maybe don’t discuss social issues in the context of whether or not murdering innocent people could teach the world to see things your way. Hypothetically or otherwise.

If Mona Eltahawy is the best and brightest that feminism has to offer, feminism is in some serious trouble.

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