Actor Jim Caviezel Warns About Christian Complacency — Shares Powerful Heartfelt Conviction for Christ (VIDEO)

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Actor Jim Caviezel was on FOX and Friends this morning and he promoted his new movie “Infidel” out in theaters this weekend.  In the short time he had, Caviezel shared from the heart what it means to stand for Christ.

Caviezel’s new movie is about a Christian man who is challenged for his faith in the Middle East:

Caviezel played Jesus Christ in the movie the “Passion of the Christ” now he plays a Christian man standing for his faith in the Middle East.  The movie looks great and hopefully will receive the attention it deserves.

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But what is even more impressive was Caviezel’s witness and discussion of what it means to stand up for Christ in these challenging times.  After sharing that people have taken their faith for granted in the United States, Caviezel shares:

Jesus says, “Do not be afraid, I go before you always”, and that was a big part of when I go to do the Passion of the Christ.   And the understanding that at one point when I was struck by lightening and I had to have two heart surgeries, open heart as well, that it could cost me my life, but I knew that that was the whole message of the Gospels.

When Peter and Paul and especially, when I was reading Paul’s letter to the Romans, it moved me so much to hear this man who knows he’s going to get butchered by the Romans but he stood up.

Caviezel then shared that he asked God to help him lead people back to Jesus.

Next the topic changed to a speech by Ronald Reagan where he shared that we have a duty to preserve our country or perish in a thousand years of darkness.  Caviezel noted that the policy of accommodation is appeasement.

Next Caviezel gave the most moving comments ever shared on FOX and Friends – please watch:

Caviezel spoke about his getting struck by lightening on the last day of filming the movie, The Passion of Christ, and encouraged Americans to do what they ought:

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