Italian Priest Roberto Malgesini Stabbed and Murdered by Tunisian Migrant in Piazza San Rocco

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Italian priest Roberto Malgesini, 51 years old, “a real street priest” as many describe him was stabbed and murdered on Monday at 7 AM in Como in Piazza San Rocco.

His killer is described as a homeless man, of Tunisian origin, aged 53.
The migrant was a person Father Malgesini knew and assisted and with whom he seems to have been on good terms.

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More via Milano Repubblica (translated):

Don Roberto Malgesini, 51 years old, “a real street priest” as many describe him, always on the side of the least, was stabbed and killed this morning at 7 in Como in Piazza San Rocco. The attack took place under the house where the priest lived, who was a native of Valtellina. Rescue was useless: when Don Roberto was found, he was lying on the ground with various stab wounds and the doctors could only ascertain his death.

Bishop Oscar Cantoni also arrived on the spot and he is strong, as soon as the news of the don’s death spread, the emotion and pain among those who knew him. The bishop blessed Don Roberto’s body before it was taken away, and a few meters from the church of San Rocco a crowd of faithful formed, among them many migrants. Many cry and hug. “Where’s the don? No, it can’t be him,” one of them says out loud. There were also moments of tension between the parishioners and the people assisted by Don Roberto with mutual accusations of having left him alone. An Italian woman and a young African also came to blows until the police arrived…

…From a first reconstruction it seems that the priest was about to begin his round of distribution of breakfasts. Under the house, in the rectory, his gray Panda remains with everything he needs. He probably found the murderer waiting for him: he is a homeless man, of Tunisian origin, aged 53. Housed in a city dormitory, the man has several expulsion decrees behind him since 2015, the last suspended due to Covid. He had no certified mental disorders, but the inhabitants of the neighborhood and the Curia describe him as an unstable person. He had often been seen in front of a local supermarket screaming or in a daze. He was a person the don knew and assisted and with whom he seems to have been on good terms. It remains to understand what happened between the two, because there would be no witnesses of the aggression.

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