ANIMAL! Police Release Horrific Footage of Thug David Ware Wrestling with and Then Shooting Two Tulsa Officers

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Tulsa Police released video of the police shooting from June 29 during the attempted arrest of David Anthony Ware.
David Ware shot both police officers killing one in the June attack.

The video begins with police telling Ware to get out of the car. Ware resists and refuses to listen to the two police officers and starts screaming.

The police continue to tell Ware to get out of the car and shoot him with pepper spray when he starts to fight back. Ware then looks and sounds like he is in horrible pain but keeps fighting off the officers.

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Finally the police officers get Ware out of the car and suddenly Ware pulls out his gun and shoots both officers several times.
This is a very disturbing video.

Democrats want to defund the police.

David Ware is accused of shooting Sergeant Craig Johnson and Officer Aurash Zarkeshan.

Johnson died from his injuries. Zarkeshan continues with his recovery.

The Police Chief says local officers continue to suffer trauma from the video.

KFOR reported:

The videos show the officers telling Ware to get out of the car more than forty times. The suspect refuses to follow their orders.

At one point, Ware calls a friend, Matthew Hall, to pick him up.

Police continue telling him to get out of the car, and they warn him before using a taser and pepper spray.

As they tried to get him out of the car, a struggle ensued. Investigators say that’s when Ware grabbed a gun from under the driver’s seat and shot the officers before running away.

Tulsa’s police chief chose not to play the video at a press conference, instead only showing still images.

“Our officers continue to suffer traumatic effects from this video,” Franklin said.

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