Trump continues to push peace while the left pushes violence and destruction

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Charlotte, NC — All across the United States, cities, and towns under Democrat leadership have dealt with violence, destruction, and death. Under the name of equality and fighting racism, Democrats and the mainstream media have pushed for the destruction of cities and towns. Through the violence, Americans have lost property, businesses, livelihoods, security, and peace.

The left says that this is all President Trump’s fault. They claim he is the one promoting violent rhetoric and systemic racism. They claim that he is the one fostering violence and that he is not responding as he should. Yet, President Trump has offered help time and again to those who want it across the country.

The left can claim that Trump is fostering violence and the destruction that we are seeing, but the evidence tells a different story. The evidence shares a story of a President that is working to find peace, where other politicians have failed in the past.

In August, President Trump brokered a historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. According to reports, this is the first deal of its kind in 25 years in the Middle East. The formalizing of relations between these two nations was a huge step towards increased stability and peace in the Middle East.

President Trump was not finished, however. He brokered another deal between Serbia and Kosovo. This agreement normalized economic relations between the two countries. It also includes Kosovo recognizing US ally Israel and Serbia moving its embassy to Jerusalem, matching a previous move by the United States.

Two amazing deals that were brokered by President Trump were not enough. On Friday, it was announced that Bahrain would be normalizing relations through another peace deal. The level of peace that is coming to the Middle East is unlike anything seen in decades. All of this courtesy of President Trump.

It certainly sounds like President Trump is a man of violence and destruction doesn’t it? It certainly sounds like this man is in favor of death, destroying property, racism, and extremist views. What a crazy lie from the mainstream media.

President Trump was nominated for his work with not one nomination, but two nominations for a Nobel Peace Prize. President Trump actually was nominated for recognition that he deserves for brokering three amazing peace deals. Unlike his predecessor, who was nominated for the award for simply breathing.

The nomination of President Trump confused The Atlantic, who is calling for the end of the Nobel Peace Prize after Trump’s nomination. The same organization that would like you to think that it reported unbiased news about President Trump’s hating of the US military, is again showing their left-wing bias.

When Obama was nominated for the award in 2009, he had been in office for just one year. The same organization, The Atlantic, did not call for the elimination of the award after Obama won it for doing nothing. They ran multiple articles about the opinions of his nomination. They shared his speech and never once took a stand against him.

Now that it is President Trump, it’s a problem. The award should be eliminated. In the eyes of the radical left-wing of America, there is no way that President Trump could be worthy of recognition for doing a good job. That would be against the entire false narrative that they have been painting for the past four years.

President Trump is not a perfect president, but he has some great policies that I support. These initiatives in the Middle East are simply amazing. While other Presidents have tried, they could not reach these agreements. President Trump has worked his deal-making magic to help make the world a safer place.

He wants to do the same thing in our country. He wants to work to see the nation come together and be one nation living in a state of law and order. The only issue is that the left does not want it that way. They want the violence and destruction that they are responsible for to continue.

President Trump is not out here promoting violence or extremism as the mainstream media would tell you. The sad thing is that you will only hear biased reporting, like that of The Atlantic, because they all want you to believe Trump is a bad, bad man.

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