Minnesota Police Group Pulls Support for Radical Democrats After BLM Candidates Threaten Police Chief and His Family at Home and Beats Effigy of His Wife

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In late August militant Black Lives Matter and Antifa goons protested outside the home of a Minnesota police union leader Bob Kroll.

John Thompson, a Black man who was friends with Philando Castile, won the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) nomination for the 67a District (St. Paul) seat for the Minnesota State House on Tuesday. On Saturday Thompson terrorized a group of white children in a residential neighborhood in the Minneapolis suburb of Hugo, using a sound system to scream obscenities at several teenage white girls standing in a nearby driveway watching a Black Lives Matter protest at the home of Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll.

Thompson screamed, “Blue lives don’t matter! Blue lives ain’t sh*t!”

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Video of Thompson was posted to Twitter by Alpha News MN:

Now a powerful Minnesota police group is pulling endorsements from several Democrat state legislators incluidng John Thompson for threatening and harassing police in the state.

FOX News reported:

A powerful Minnesota police group is pulling its endorsements of several Democrat state legislators after a Democrat Farmer-Labor candidate shouted “Blue lives ain’t s–t” outside Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll’s home.

The candidate was also filmed beating an effigy of Kroll and his wife in their own driveway.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association board voted this week to back Republican challengers instead of Democratic incumbents. The association, which represents more than 10,000 officers, had endorsed DFL candidates in both races.

Minneapolis state house candidate John Thompson stood outside the police union leader’s home and and gave an expletive-laden speech to a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators in August.

“Come on over here with your ‘Blue Lives Matter’ sign,” he said. “Blue lives ain’t s—, and if people in Hugo don’t support black people, f— Hugo.”

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