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(John Hinderaker)

…until Center of the American Experiment’s Virtual Gala 2020. The event kicks off at 7:00 Central time on Saturday, September 19. I will host it; Sarah Sanders will be the featured speaker, including live Q and A, and we will have a special guest appearance by Governor Kristi Noem, to whom the Center is presenting a Courage In Government award. The National Anthem will be sung by 13 year old sensation Amelia Stoebe, a video will highlight the Center’s recent achievements and awards, and we will periodically cut away live to viewing parties around the country.

You can go here to register for the Virtual Gala. It is free! And if you want to host a watch party, you can register your party here. So far, somewhere between 50 and 60 parties have been registered, mostly in Minnesota, but also in California, Texas, Missouri, Massachusetts, Florida and New Jersey. One group has rented an upscale gun range in the suburban Twin Cities and will combine shooting with gala viewing.

Anyone who registers a watch party by close of business tomorrow will receive a box of supplies, including amazingly good popcorn, plastic champagne glasses, three posters with conservative messages, an American Experiment wine opener, Gala-themed cocktail napkins, confetti, and more. Our staff packed 50 boxes today.

I should add that the broadcast of the gala will not be just the usual internet Zoom-type stream. It will be TV quality video with–I think–impressive effects. And it won’t drag on; the whole event will be concluded in not much over an hour. To sign up, go here.

UPDATE: Since I did this post an hour ago, watch party registrations have been coming in from around the country. Please remember that we can only promise you a box and a chance–slim, to be honest–of a live cutaway during the event, if you register your watch party by close of business tomorrow.

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