2020 Presidential Event Totals To Date Starting on Labor Day

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As the 2020 Presidential election heads towards the November 3rd election, both President Trump and former Obama Vice President Joe Biden are working for the win. Here is our updated list of events for both candidates.

In the 2016 election we kept track of event attendance after the Party Conventions for both candidate Trump and Crooked Hillary. We did this because the future President was setting records at seemingly every venue he visited while Hillary could barely fill half a high school gymnasium. By mid-August we determined that President Trump had 10 times the number of attendees at his rallies than Hillary did during the same time.

By election day we had tallied that tens of thousands of more individuals attended Trump events versus meager numbers at Hillary events.

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The far left mainstream media claimed their polls were what counted. They claimed that rally attendance didn’t matter, but it did. Momentum and enthusiasm means a lot. (In March 2017 Deroy Murdock cited our work on FOX News to show that President Trump just plain outworked Hillary in the 2016 campaign.)

So we are running a campaign tally again for 2020. Beginning on Labor Day we started putting together the below estimates for attendance at Presidential events through today.

Our ‘rally tally’ shows that after four days Sleepy Joe has a lot of work to do.

Biden did one event on Wednesday in Michigan. We found evidence that Biden had 7 people in attendance, outdoors, in masks, 8 feet apart in a parking lot.

Here is a picture of Joe Biden’s event in Michigan on Wednesday where more Trump supporters showed up than Biden supporters:

And here is a video of President Trump’s ‘peaceful protest’ in Michigan on Thursday night.

Below is the summary of events since Labor Day.  President Trump spoke in front of an estimated 20,800 event goers while Biden has entertained an estimated 41 event goers.

Biden has a lot of work to do to catch up to President Trump and it’s only our fourth day of tallying event participation.

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