Nancy Pelosi: ‘What Senator McConnell Put Forward is Fraudulent’

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( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) said on Bloomberg Politics on Tuesday that a proposal put forward by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.) to spend an additional $1 trillion on COVID-19 relief is “fraudulent.”

On May 15, Pelosi’s House passed the HEROES Act for additional COVID-19 relief. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it would cost an additional $3.475 trillion.

Prior to that, in March, Congress had passed and President Donald Trump had signed the CARES Act, which provided $2 trillion in COVID-19 relief.

“What Senator McConnell put forth is fraudulent,” Pelosi said.

“It is, as Leader Schumer said, emaciated,” she said. “It is not—they call it a skinny bill and he calls it an emaciated bill and I join him in that.

“It is only a check-the-box so that some of his endangered Republican senators can go home and say: Well, see, I tried. But it isn’t trying,” said Pelosi.

“It is not even an attempt to do the right thing, and Mitch McConnell knows that,” she said. “Because he has to satisfy those Republicans in his caucus who do not want to spend one more dollar, whether it’s feeding the food insecure children in our country, saving their families from eviction, stopping the dismantling of the Postal Service so that people can vote without risking their health.

“Again, first and foremost, crushing the virus and putting money into the pockets of the American people,” Pelosi said. “What they have is so meager that it insults the intelligence of the American people, does not solve the problem. 

“And it is not–Again, we know that we have to compromise,” she said. “We know we have to compromise in order to reach an agreement. We all want an agreement. Make no mistake about that. But get serious, get real, Mitch McConnell.”    

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