CNN Caught Airing Doctored Photo of Joe Biden That Covers Up 1 Huge Detail

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Democrats have made rewriting history part of their unofficial platform so far this year.

While leftist activists challenge the country’s history by toppling statues and attempting to erase the pages of history books, leftists at CNN have been busted trying to revise Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s own history.

On Monday, the far-left network aired a program called “Fight for the White House: Joe Biden’s Long Journey,” in which it shared a decades-old picture of Biden holding one of his sons, Fox News reported.

The image is among one Biden shared to his Facebook page on Father’s Day:

My dad instilled a lot in me, but perhaps most important is the belief that there’s no higher calling than to be a good…

Posted by Joe Biden on Sunday, June 21, 2020

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But the image CNN aired featured a stunning and bizarre omission.

Biden, being a lifelong politician, lived in Washington for decades.

And so his son was apparently a fan of the Washington Football Team formerly known as the Redskins.

In the original image, Biden’s son (it’s not clear whether it is Beau or Hunter) is wearing a hat with the Redskins logo.

It looks like the pair might have even been at a Redskins game enjoying a father-son moment.

But in the photo broadcast by CNN, the Redskins logo is curiously gone — apparently airbrushed out of the image and out of history:

Here’s the video clip featuring the doctored image:

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Of course the NFL franchise changed its name and logo in July after folding to pressure from the PC mob.

While the Redskins name and logo is now a mere memory for fans of the franchise, apparently that wasn’t good enough for CNN.

The team name and logo was apparently so offensive that history had to be revised so that Biden could be distanced from the team’s perceived toxic past.

Do you think CNN purposefully doctored this image because they thought it would help Biden?

The fact that a company which portrays itself as a news organization would go to such an extreme length to protect Biden from a perceived controversy is jarring.

There was nothing controversial about the image until the network was caught doctoring it. CNN turned a nonstory into a big story about its own bias.

If CNN can’t be honest enough to report that Biden’s child wore a hat with a Redskins logo on it — decades ago — then what else is the network willing to do to protect him?

How low will the rest of the country’s activist media stoop to give Democrats what they think is a leg up on President Donald Trump and Republicans?

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