Biden says that the Constitution is standing in his way

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Charlotte, NC — Former Vice President Joe Biden says that the US Constitution is standing in his way. The comments came as Biden changed his tune on a national mask mandate. He says that he is not sure that he can mandate masks after all.

Biden and Harris have both said that he would issue a national mask mandate if elected as President. The media started to spin a story about Harris walking back those comments on Sunday after her appearance on CNN.

Joe Biden said that he will not sign a national mask mandate on a podcast from AZFamily on Sunday. He said there was an issue that stood in his way from making a mandatory mask order. Specifically, he said it was a constitutional issue.

In August, Biden claimed that the President had federal powers to mandate such an order. He claimed that the order would save thousands of lives and should be issued immediately. However, almost a month later he has decided the Constitution would not allow it.

Conservatives have been saying that the mandatory mask orders are not constitutional for months. Immediately after Biden’s comments, conservatives again said that mask orders are not constitutional. It would be an overreach of federal powers.

President Trump understood that the role of the federal government was to support the states. The federal government was not there to step in front of the states. Each and every governor has had the ability to ask for federal help if they wanted but has ultimately had to make that decision.

This local oversight allows states to more accurately control the places that resources are needed. The federal government passed a lot of resources as part of the CARES act, which has not been fully utilized. Even though they have not fully utilized the resources available to them, the states have a lot at their disposal.

The real question to be asked here is simple. Can Biden be trusted to lead this country if he does not even know what the President can do? Does he even know the job that he is running for?

This is not the first time that Biden has struggled with the Constitution. In the past, he confused the Declaration of Independence with the Constitution in comments on television. Clips of this are still available on YouTube.

In addition to his struggles in differentiating between the documents, he also struggled with other constitutional matters regarding the military. In April, he made comments about the removal of Navy Captain Brett Crozier. A law professor has a great article about this over at The Hill.

The truth is that Joe Biden appears to have such cognitive issues that he cannot fully comprehend the job he was pushed to sign up for. He has no grasp of the Constitution and the things that are contained therein. He is simply saying and doing what he has been told.

The Democrats, so hungry for power, forced a man to enlist that had the name recognition and potential to carry them back to power. Biden is only the candidate for his name, not for what he brings to the ticket.

As I have suggested before, there is a transition plan already in place for Joe Biden. Biden may win the election, but he will not be the one that is calling the shots and most likely will not be in office in 2024. The sad thing is, they probably hid the transition plan in the Constitution because there is no worry that Joe will find it there.

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By now, most everyone has heard about the article from The Atlantic that says President Trump said harsh words about members of the military. He apparently called them names and said that he does not understand why anyone would join the military.

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