Liar in chief Schiff still lacks evidence and ability to speak the truth

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Charlotte, NC — Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the mastermind of the failed Trump impeachment inquiry, has his eyes set on discrediting Attorney General William Barr. In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Barr said that China was trying to interfere in the election more than Russia, but did not deny that both were attempting to influence the election.

Schiff claims he does not see it that way. Sharing as much evidence as he had to prove the Russia hoax that he tried to impeach Trump with, Schiff called Barr a liar. He said that Russia is a bigger threat to the 2020 election.

Rep. Schiff said that Barr is lying to the American people. While I would normally say that Schiff should be able to identify a liar, given that he is the liar in chief, I think this is a situation of Schiff being distracted by routine Democratic propaganda.

The truth is, Barr is not the only one who has been sharing the China message. Robert O’Brien, a national security adviser, also shared that China has taken the most active role in attempting to influence the election.

While the Democrats want to continue to place the image of collusion on President Trump, Biden is the one who has openly called on the Chinese to help. He claimed he had great Chinese relationships and that those people could help him win the election.   It’s no wonder that the Democrats want to downplay the help they are getting from the Chinese.

Schiff and Democrats have a hard time facing the fact that multiple governments have preferences as to who should be President. They also have a hard time believing that some Americans would support Trump. In their mind, there’s no reason anyone should want to support Trump.

They have attempted to make up stories about the Russia collusion and wasted millions of dollars, but that was not enough. Now, they want you to believe that only Russia could possibly interfere with the 2020 elections in the United States. Democrats and the media have absolutely no integrity anymore.

It is no secret that Russia prefers another 4 years of President Trump, while China would prefer Joe Biden. NCSC Director William Evanina said the same thing in a statement released at the beginning of August. The media continues to ignore the comments about China and Iran, preferring to share Democrat talking points about Russia.

The majority of Americans believe that election interference will happen this year as well. According to Pew Research, 75% of Americans expect foreign interference in our 2020 elections. It does not matter if that interference comes from Russia, China, or Iran, any interference should be reported on and a stand taken against it.

The left (media and Democrats alike) continue to ignore any interference unless it comes from Russia. As I shared in my most recent podcast episode, the left ignores evidence and lacks the integrity to properly inform the American people.

Another issue in 2020 is that foreign interference is not the only thing Americans should be concerned about. Tech companies are also planning election interference in 2020 as well. Popular conservative commentator, Dan Bongino, says that big tech interference terrifies him. Facebook has already released its plan to control information ahead of the election, while Twitter routinely blocks conservatives from sharing information online.

It is time for everyone to be honest about election security and the potential risks across all sides of the aisle. Foreign interference poses a risk, but so does big tech interference. Americans must take the initiative to research and educate themselves about the candidates before they vote.

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Where is the evidence and integrity?

By now, most everyone has heard about the article from The Atlantic that says President Trump said harsh words about members of the military. He apparently called them names and said that he does not understand why anyone would join the military.

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