Kamala Harris spreads Democrats propaganda on CNN appearance

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Charlotte, NC — Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) appeared on CNN’s State of the Union show on Sunday. She used the appearance for the obvious attacks on President Trump that the campaign was wanting. She also used the appearance to share Democrat-led propaganda.

The left used the moment to say that this was definitive proof that there was not a national mask mandate coming. In previous interviews, Harris said that a national mask mandate was one of the first priorities for a Biden administration. In that interview, she said that wearing a mask is a standard, that it would be required, even though most people do not like to wear them.

Media outlets are already trying to say that Harris denies the mask mandate, as she called it a standard during the CNN interview. She used the same terminology in the CNN interview that she used in the previous interview. The standard is that there will be a national mask mandate under a President Biden.

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Kamala Harris destroys Trump and the GOP’s lie that Biden will impose a national mask mandate #CNNSOTU pic.twitter.com/uRSiOUqrMW

Harris also took a few moments to share that there were concerns that Russian interference could cost Joe Biden the election. The Democrats will simply not let the Russia hoax go. They want a clear alibi for when they lose the election in November, it’s obvious.

If they want to talk about the Russian collusion and Russia interference commentary again, perhaps we should start talking about those helping Biden. Specifically, the fact that Biden asked for Chinese help to get him elected as President. He certainly has profited off the backs of the Chinese for quite some time.

Harris also pushed another Democrat-led agenda item with a lack of trusting President Trump for a coronavirus vaccine. As Democrats have argued for months that a vaccine is the only way to come out of this pandemic, now they want to backtrack.

They want this vaccine to be released once Biden is in office so that he can look like a savior of the country. They want it to appear that Biden is the one that has done all the difficult work, capitalizing on the work of President Trump and Operation Warp Speed. The truth is, polls continue to show that the majority of Americans have no faith in the vaccine, and Harris does nothing to help that with her comments.

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Kamala Harris said that President Trump’s word alone on any potential coronavirus vaccine is not enough: “I would not trust his word. I would trust the word of public health experts and scientists, but not Donald Trump” #CNNSOTU https://t.co/kiyfKIMWum pic.twitter.com/5ax64v2fiS

Perhaps Harris and Biden are planning for a mandatory mask order as well as a mandatory vaccine order. After all, she was interested in those new standards that she wants to impose. The truth is, they have no plan except to force Americans into submission.

The left continues to celebrate the “leadership” that Biden will bring to the coronavirus pandemic. They act as if he has a playbook for how to deal with a Chinese virus that China allowed to spread across the country without notice.

Biden would certainly not stand strong against China. He has proven that he is a great partner to them, while his son racked up billions in funding. His work helped the Chinese military, while Biden no doubt profited himself. Perhaps Joe Biden knows a lot more about the Chinese coronavirus because his friends were the ones responsible for spreading it?

Take a good look at the propaganda that Harris is spreading. If Biden were to win the election in November, this would be your President long before the 2024 election.

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