Judge Bans Cops From Using Non-Lethal Force Weapons

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Detroit, MI — In politics and government, you routinely see people saying and doing things that make absolutely no sense, often with the declared reason at odds with the action. This would be one of those terrible, horrible, this makes no sense instances!

Last week in Detroit, a judge decided to throw commonsense out of his courtroom and banned the police department from using non-lethal implements to fight rioters for at least the next couple weeks.


I think this was done in an attempt to protect people?  Logic, reasoning, and the aforementioned commonsense just aren’t too terribly common in our world today and, for that moment in that courtroom, completely non-existent. As noted by The Daily Wire, activists “are looking to make the ban permanent.”  Although stupid, you would expect these idiots to think idiotic ideas like this one are sound ideas meant to make people’s lives better.

A group called Detroit Will Breathe sued the city for excessive force. According to the litigation, cops went to extremes controlling May and June protests in the aftermath of George Floyd.

As per the Detroit Free Press, the plaintiffs assert, “Police used those objects to fracture bones, inflict baseball-sized lumps and concussions, collapse lungs and cause other injuries that left Black Lives Matter, Inc. protesters hospitalized and disoriented during marches in Detroit that started on May 29.” If you listen to their attorney, it seems that these idiots are just passionate defenders in the street deeply care about the constitution:

“The demonstrators are out in the streets exercising their First Amendment rights and have been met with brutal violence. We are at a point where the city needs to decide what its image is, what its soul is; whether Detroit is a place that encourages free and open thought and dialogue or whether open dialogue is met with brutal violence.”

So I have a question?  Do they think what we’ve witnessed these past few weeks has been strict adherence to the First Amendment?  Lately, what we have watched looks like all hell breaking loose during some sort of Zombie Apocalypse.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, I give you the “First Amendment”:

No Title

Graphic: Another angle of the person being set on fire by a Molotov cocktail thrown by antifa militants in SE Portland. Rioters try to help but don’t do much. Cops are the ones who rush in & put out the flames. Video by @BGOnTheScene. #PortlandRiots pic.twitter.com/9gNFo73Lyc

This must be the “fiery” part of the lie the Left/CNN have perpetuated!

I know it’s horrible to say, but this is quite funny and this idiot got exactly what he deserved.  This is almost as funny as a fascist ANTIFA ‘commander’ that goes by the name ‘Commander Red’ was busted carrying a flamethrower to a Wisconsin Black Lives Matter rally — and “dropped into the fetal position and began crying” when stopped by cops.

No Title

Rioters launching fireworks at police. Rochester New York. pic.twitter.com/5fQuMH1RDf

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Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement protesters geared up in Black Bloc take over NYC Streets carrying a “Death to America” and “Free All Prisoners” banners Chants of “every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground” pic.twitter.com/RXX9vHCDLX

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Tonight in Portland BLM terrorists and Antifa murdered a Trump supporter in cold blood.No altercation, no fight. He walked up behind him and assassinated him because of his political views.pic.twitter.com/jNDs0YJcGn

Amid the reality of America’s goings-on, the judge sided — or, it would appear, tried to side — with the protesters. As such, an injunction against the Detroit Police Department barring the use of non-lethal weapons including “batons, shields, gas, rubber bullets, chokeholds, or sound cannons.”

Interesting but a mostly stupid decision by this judge.  Clearly, he’s not one of the 200+ the Trump administration has gotten confirmed to the courts since he was elected.

As a proud member of a law enforcement family, the police have two kids of weapons at their disposal:  lethal and non-lethal. They have batons, shields, gas, rubber bullets, and sound cannons…and guns.  Can’t forget about those. Now let’s take away batons, shields, gas, rubber bullets, and sound cannons which are now also known as “soul suckers.”

What’s left? That’d be the choice of someone who thinks they’re making everyone safer. What could possibly go wrong?

Nevertheless, Detroit Will Breathe attorney Jack Schulz counts it a win. “For a short period, we know that the police will not be able to use the brutal tactics they have in the past against peaceful protesters without violating a court order.” Correction: Now they just can’t use anything but deadly brutal tactics.  Police duty belts can get heavy, at least this lightens their load.

Detroit’s Police Chief James Craig told the Free Press that Saturday, officers “used force to prevent protesters from setting up a ‘Seattle zone of lawlessness’ during demonstrations that turned violent Saturday.”

And they’re not backing down. “I am not going to let any group set up a Seattle zone of lawlessness here in the city of Detroit. That is non-negotiable.” Thanks to a judge, rioters now have something much worse to worry about. Or, the citizens of Detroit do.

And the saga continues…

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