Joe Biden on video bragging about China relationships and Chinese help to win election

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Charlotte, NC — Joe Biden has claimed that he would be tough on China, attempting to appear tough like President Trump. Trump has taken a hardline stance against China and has placed increased pressure on China over trade. Joe Biden wants you to think he would be tough on China, but newly surfaced evidence shows that may not be the case.

The NY Post resurfaced a video from The Obama White House on YouTube where Joe Biden once joked he would take China’s help to become President. Democrats have attacked President Trump repeatedly, falsely accusing him of attempting to gain Russia’s help to become President. The same video also shares other comments by Biden that are very interesting.

In the same video, Biden brags about his relationship with President Xi from China. He talks about how they spent time together and how they grew close. Yet, Biden wants you to believe he will be tough on China? See his comments below.

It’s evident that Biden has a great relationship with China and may want their help. New reports have also shared that Biden’s family has made billions in China through business deals. Special deals were made while he was Vice President, which his son Hunter Biden profited from.

Joe Biden has no intention of standing tough to China. He will continue the same Obama era policies that allowed China to continue to prosper on the backs of Americans. It also allowed Biden and his family to prosper.

If those reports are correct, Biden and his family helped the Chinese military and government tremendously during the Obama administration. While the media wants you to focus on Trump and Russia, the real issue here is Biden and China.

The media is also attempting to make a big deal trying to turn the military against President Trump. This will be a major issue if Biden were to be elected. If Biden is willing to help the Chinese military and he wants to cut funding for the US military, how vulnerable will that make the US?

As the left argues that President Trump is a security risk, the evidence seems to indicate that Joe Biden is the real security risk. He’s willing to sell out the United States to benefit his family and the Chinese. That is something that we simply cannot afford!

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