The Atlantic promises more stories planted by Biden coming soon

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Charlotte, NC — Radical left-wing media outlet, The Atlantic, made headlines for a story they ran on President Trump making comments about the US Military. President Trump’s actions have been anything other than negative towards the military, but that did not stop the mainstream media from going crazy with the story. Their ultimate goal is to erode the US military personnel’s support of President Trump.

The consensus across Capitol Hill is that this story was a plant by the Biden campaign. Paul Sperry shared the details of that.

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BREAKING: Hill Republicans suspect disputed anonymous story re Trump disrespecting fallen war vets was planted by Biden campaign: Biden used The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg pal Rep Conor Lamb (D-PA, Marine major) to amplify story. Goal:blunting military absentee ballots for Trump

Others have suggested that the Editor-in-Chief of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg, is in the pocket of Laurene Powell Jobs. Jobs donated over half a million dollars to the Biden campaign and is a majority owner of The Atlantic. This also seems like a possible scenario, as well.

On Sunday, Goldberg said that this latest story from The Atlantic is just the tip of the iceberg. In his comments, he said the media had a job to do, and they expected more information to come out about it in the coming weeks. He also claimed that the sources used for the article were reliable sources.

It seems very unlikely that these sources Goldberg cites are very reliable. Take, for example, the “reliable sources” that the media used as part of the Russia hoax and the impeachment investigation. All of those sources proved nothing, but they argued they were incredibly reliable and would do the job to eliminate President Trump.

While various media outlets have claimed to corroborate portions of the story, not one single outlet has a cited source. Not one single outlet has confirmed the “losers” or “suckers” comments that Trump supposedly made.

What is very apparent is that mainstream media is committed to sharing the Biden campaign’s work. They are committed to sharing propaganda that will attack President Trump, even if there is no evidence that it is true. From now until November, Americans will have nothing but an obvious onslaught of fake news attacking President Trump.

I have said many times; I do not think that President Trump is perfect. I do believe he has America’s best interest in mind and that he loves this country and our military. He has done so much to build up the military, promoting them in various settings across his administration. For him to have made these comments would shock me.

If there is evidence that Trump made these comments, then it needs to be brought out. Just like the impeachment inquiry, if there was evidence, it needed to be proven. This situation feels a lot like another hoax, and until there is some form of evidence, we can only think of it as a hoax.

Mainstream media has done a poor job in sharing factual reporting all across the past decade. They have altered stories and withheld information to benefit Democratic politicians and candidates all across the country. For example, almost every one of them ignored the Nancy Pelosi hair salon story.

If left-wing media outlets want Americans to believe them, they need to give us the evidence. While I am supportive of having anonymous sources in journalism, those sources must be backed up with evidence to prove the case. In all the accusations against Trump, not one single source of evidence has been brought against him to prove he did these things.

Until The Atlantic proves they are not simply spewing Biden campaign garbage, then we cannot take the article seriously. The article must be considered a political hack job against President Trump, and it must be considered as coming directly from the Biden campaign. There is more evidence to prove that the article is from the Biden campaign than there is to prove Trump said these things.

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