A Special Flag To Show Support For The Police (Just Pay S&H)

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As Democrats riot and call for “defunding the police,” it’s time to stand up!

It’s time to let Liberals know the majority of Americans support the police. We support the “thin blue line” that separates law-abiding people from the lawless mobs.

To tell Liberals how important the men and women of law enforcement are to us, here’s something special: a ‘Thin Blue Line’ American flag (ordering through this link and the links below supports Gateway Pundit)!

The best part: It’s free – just pay shipping and handling!

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Liberals don’t want everyone knowing that the police have so much support. In fact, owning a flag like this could be dangerous. You might want to order more than one, so you can have a backup flag in case liberals steal your first one.

Don’t let Liberals win – Fly this flag everywhere!

We’re bringing you this special offer from the good people at I Love My Freedom. All of their products are shipped from their fulfillment center in Olathe, Kansas. Ordering from this company supports American jobs and American production.

Click here to get your high-quality ‘Thin Blue Line’ American flag today!

Here’s what others have said about their products from I Love My Freedom:

“Would like to thank you all for all that you do.  Love all the products I have received. God Bless you all for the love of our President, our Country and her people.” 

– Bonnie M. from Montana

“Super impressed with my package. Most professional and gladly received.” 

– Danny G. from Mississippi

“Received my flag in good condition yesterday; pleased and shall be showing it off!!” – Nan P. from North Carolina

“Thank you, I have received my merchandise, it arrived in good condition and I am very satisfied with it. I will be ordering more items in the near future. Again thank you for the great customer service.” – Manuel D. from California

Click here to get yours today:

Note: If you have an adblocker enabled, you’ll need to paste this address into your browser: https://ilovemyfreedoms.com/police-landing-flag-blue?affiliate_id=1348409

Here’s more information from the folks at I Love My Freedom:

There’s no better way to show your support for the men and women of Law Enforcement than with this flag!

– Metal Grommets, Ready to Hang
– Flag Size: 3 X 5 ft
– Fast shipping from the heartland of America
– 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This is your chance to proudly join millions of Americans who support law enforcement!

AMERICA FIRST! We have a shipping center in Kansas and a customer support center in Minnesota where we ONLY hire American citizens to do the job.

As always, there’s easy checkout, low-cost shipping and fast delivery. It also comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed and free returns. If you don’t like it, send it back!

The sooner you place your order, the better. Because of the flag’s quality and demand, inventory is often scarce. Place your order quickly so you’re not left behind.

Click here to get your ‘Thin Blue Line’ American flag today!

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