Wealthy NYC College Student Arrested at BLM Riots After Causing “$100,000 in Damages” to Manhattan Businesses

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A rich college student was one of eight arrested in Black Lives Matter violence and rioting in Manhattan on Friday night.

The eight thugs were arrested after they bashed out windows at a local small business in Manhattan.

Clara Kraebber is a student at Rice University.

Two other arrested BLM rioters were from out of state from Oregon and Iowa.

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This is outrageous.

The Daily Mail reported:

A wealthy college student is among the eight people arrested on rioting charges after participants in a Black Lives Matter protest went on a rampage in Manhattan, causing some $100,000 in damage to businesses.

Clara Kraebber, 20, was among those arrested after the vandalism spree on Friday in the Flatiron District, where demonstrators were protesting over the death of Daniel Prude in upstate Rochester.

All were charged with rioting, and some were additionally charged with weapons and burglary tool possession.

Of the eight arrested, five were men and two were women. Two of the arrests are from out of state, including one from Portland, Oregon and one from Iowa.

Kraebber, an undergraduate at Rice University. Her father is a psychiatrist who teaches at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, and her mother is an architect at a prestigious Manhattan firm.

The family in 2016 purchased a $1.8 million apartment on the Upper East Side, and also owns a home with four fireplaces in Connecticut.

‘I wonder how her rich parents feel about their daughter. How would they feel if they graffitied their townhouse?’ one law enforcement source told the Post.

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